• Air date: 10 May '04 24 episodes
      A team of professionals headed by expert mechanic Jesse James specialize in transform cars. The clock is ticking as they attempt to turn ordinary vehicles into 'monster machines' in just a week.
  • List of Episodes (24)
    • 1. Quarter-Mile Cadillac

      10 May '04
      Project vehicle: 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood This time, build team not only has to convert a car into a drag racing machine, but the team only had 4 days to complete the job. Design team: Lamar 'Ceemack' Jasper (as Ceemack) (Cadillac Fleetwood donor), Jim ? (chief of Jesse's top fuel dragster), Feng Zhu (concept designer from Los Angeles, California) Build team: Rex Buxton, hod rod builder from Laguna Hills, California Kurt Forqueran (as Kurt 'Wookie' Forqueran), custom car fabricator from
    • 2. Miata / Jet Ski

      07 Jun '04
      The gang tries to convert a Miata convertible into a personal watercraft.
    • 3. Gorillamobile

      14 Jun '04
      The team of builders turns a pickup truck into a gorilla transport for Koko, a gorilla that understood over 2000 words and communicate with sign language.
    • 4. Dodge /.44 Magnum

      28 Jun '04
      A Dodge Magnum RT is turned into a speeding train.
    • 5. Pikes Peak Hill Climber

      26 Jul '04
      Project vehicle: 1988 Chevrolet Blazer A truck was converted into a racing vehicle to climb Pikes Peak. Design Team: Larry Ragland (Pike's Peak racing record champion), Patrick Janicke (vehicle artist), Randy Ruyle (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb director of competition) Build Team Randy Ruyle, Pikes Peak local from Cascade, Colorado Rhys Millen, Racer/Pikes Peak champion, from Huntington Beach, California Sarah Grenier, Engineer/mechanical specialist from Manchester, New Hampshire
    • 6. Firetruck Brewery

      09 Aug '04
      Build Team: * Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, Calif. * Lee Chase, head brewer, Stone Brewing Co., San Diego, Calif. * Ron Krol, wine- and brewery-tank manufacturer, AAA Metal Fabrication, The Dalles, Ore. * John Legnard, brew master, Sandlot Brewery, Denver, Colo. * Otto Petersen, welder and fire truck mechanic (retired), Jackson Heights, N.Y. * George Plumlee, firefighter and fabricator, Marshall, Texas
    • 7. Rolls-Royce/John

      27 Sep '04
      A 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow that symbolizes high class luxury was reassigned to do the lowest line of work ever done by an automobile: cleaning portable toilets. Can the classy Rolls-Royce survive a work day too low down dirty even for common folks?
    • 8. Old-School Chopper

      11 Oct '04
      Project vehicle: 2004 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Last time, Jesse made motorcycle from a truck; this time, he goes back to his roots by customizing a motorcycle. Sounds too easy? Not if Jesse wanted to prove himself to a build team of motorcycle legends that had help started Jesse's bike building career. Design team: Mark Rowe (motorcycle frame builder) Don Hotop (custom bike builder) Carl Morrow (engine specialist) John Reed (motorcyle pioneer) Keith Ball (motorcycle builder
    • 9. Army Tractor Pull

      18 Oct '04
    • 10. How To Monsterize Everything

      25 Oct '04
      Combining the talents from Monster Garage and Monster House, 6 items from a home owner's house were taken to the Monster Garage for monsterization. Design team: Jarri Schwartz (Monster House decorator), Gadget (Monster House/BIG! builder), Big Schwag (Monster Garage commentator), The Pizz (artist) House owner: Miles Build team: Michael Gump (Previous work: Fright house (door frame)), artist Dan Danknick (Previous work: Geo Tracker balloon), electrical genius Nikki Giovacchini (as Nik
    • 11. Honey Bee Drift Car

      15 Nov '04
    • 12. All-Girl Build: Dirt-Track Racer

      29 Nov '04
      Project vehicle: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro Design team: Michelle Christensen (auto artist), Sherri Heckenast (race car driver and dirt track owner), Kathy Pierson (dirt racer) Build team: Candice Burris (23), auto body technician from Prunedale, California Carolyn Coquillette, mechanic extrodinaire from Oakland, California Emily Ericksen, welder and mechanic from Lake in the Hills, Illinois Tiffany Wesson, parts specialist and Camaro queen from Rancho Palos Verdes, California Sherri
    • 13. Open-Road Racer

      13 Dec '04
      Project Vehicle: 1964 Lincoln Continental A luxury cruiser was converted into a race vehicle to run in open road. Design team: Dave Golder (expert open road race car designer), Craig Jull (race car builder and fabricator), John Caswell (automotive designer) Build team: Matt Goodsell, race car fabricator from Orange, California Brian Haynes, hot rod builder from Jamesville, California Craig Jull, fabricator from Bellflower, California Dave Golder, open road race driver and mechanic
    • 14. Belly Tank Lakester

      13 Dec '04
      Project vehicle: Phantom F-4 fuel tank Jesse James competes in the fastest challenge ever by building a vehicle from a fuel tank. Will the transmission fail him this time? Design team: Bill Burke (world's first lakester builder), Al Teague (fastest lakester speed record holder), Jason Wilbur (artist) Build team: Robert ""Stainless"" Steele (as Stainless), Boeing technical support specialist from Wichita, Kansas John Gowestski, retired air force machine builder and fabricator from
    • 15. Ultimate Surfmobile

      07 Feb '05
    • 16. NYC Hot Rod

      21 Feb '05
      Jesse and his builders convert a 1929 Ford Model-A into a hot-rod in New York City.
    • 17. D.C. High-School Build

      28 Feb '05
      The team builds a Chopper Kit with six high-school students. Derrick Butler - auto-shop teacher, Ballou Senior High School, Washington, D.C. Mark Hargrove - student, Ballou Senior High School, Washington, D.C. Andre Lee - student, Ballou Senior High School, Washington, D.C. Chris Merriweather - student, Ballou Senior High School, Washington, D.C. Genieva Robertson - student, Ballou Senior High School, Washington, D.C. Charles Stotts - student, Ballou Senior High School, Washington,
    • 18. T-Bucket/Snow Cat

      14 Mar '05
    • 19. Peel Trident Micro Car

      14 Mar '05
      A 1964 Peel Trident is rebuilt with a go-cart frame and four-cylinder engine.
    • 20. Logsplitter

      21 Mar '05
      For this build it was "goodbye, crash helmet" and "hello, wool cap," as Jesse and the crew created a log splitter out of a 1982 powder-blue Zimmer Golden Spirit, a car made famous in the early '80s for an over-the-top, pimped-out luxury style. The plan: to cut the Zimmer in half, extending the car; after a log was dropped in, the car would come back together via a couple of hydraulic cylinders and thus split the log.
    • 21. Mobile Fun House

      25 Apr '05
      Jesse James and crew transform an RV into a mobile fun house.
    • 22. Folsom Prison Low-Rider

      16 May '05
      Monster Garage has always been known for its tight deadlines, sure, but this is the first time its builders couldn't leave the set ... literally. Because in this episode, a select group of Folsom State Prison inmates � many of whom learned their mechanical skills while behind bars � joined Jesse in transforming a rusty 1969 Chevy Impala into the ultimate low-rider.
    • 23. Flying Car Part 1

      06 Jun '05
      Monster Garage is known for accomplishing unbelievable tasks in five days. To build a flying car, Jesse and his nine-man team go all-out, converting a $100,000 Panoz Esperante sports car into a flying mobile.
    • 24. Flying Car Part 2

      13 Jun '05
      The goal is to match the distance of the Wright Brother's first flight. The elite car's interior includes a used propeller engine mounted in the trunk, a 15-foot fuselage secured rear tail, and 36-foot handmade wings mounted in the center of the car.