• Air date: 15 Sep '01 13 episodes
      Mona the Vampire is a Canadian/French animated television series based on the series Robyn le Vampire, directed by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon, originally based on the short stories created and written Sonia Holleyman and later written by Hiawyn Oram. It is mainly shown on YTV, Radio-Canada, VRAK.TV, CBBC and Cartoon Network Poland. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of 10-year-old Mona Parker and her friends as they battle a new foe of the supernatural in every episode. The show was produced in Montreal by Cinar, in association with Alphanim, Fancy Cape Productions, Agogo Media and Tiji.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Dr. Java and Mr. Hyde / Miss Dewey's Dismal System

      15 Sep '01
      A) Dr. Java's coffee is causing strange reactions on people and even animals. Meanwhile Mr. Hyde remembers his brother and wish they could work together again. B) The new librarian, Mrs. Dewey, is a real ogre, literally, and is giving Mona a really hard time.
    • 2. Polyester Power Suit / The Droll Troll

      22 Sep '01
      A) Ever since Mona's dad got a part-time job and bought that horrible polyester suit he's been acting strange. Mona has to stop whatever is causing her dad to act that way. But what can she do if her opponent is invincible? B) A creature is hiding and breaking objects at Mona's house. But what kind of creature? A racoon? Nah! That would be too obvious and so not Mona... Perhaps a troll...
    • 3. Ventrillo-Creep / Limo to Loserville

      29 Sep '01
      A) A mysterious dummy is looking for his next victim, who will it be? B) A vengeful limo is making everyone in town feel like a loser. But, why? Who drives it?
    • 4. The Columbus Triangle / Soccer Sasquatch

      07 Oct '01
      A) Objects disappear and strange things happen in Mona's town, why? Because it is part of the Columbus Triangle! B) The new soccer coach, has big feets and is really furry... no wonder why, he's a Sasquatch!
    • 5. Cyborg Phantasm / Kitten of the Sea

      14 Oct '01
      A) Mona, Charley and Lily go to the movies to see a new Cyborg movie, unfortunately the Cyborg escapes from the film and causes havoc. B) Mona explains the story of how she almost lost Fangs.
    • 6. Sun Worshippers / Heat Wave

      21 Oct '01
      A) Heavy and horrid rains fall on town and everybody wants to get a suntan at the new center. The owner of the center is the Sun goddess and she wants everyone to workship her. Luckily the Moon goddess and her friends are always ready to save the day. B) In a very hot day the kids investigate a mysterious disappearence, someone or something is drinking all the water.
    • 7. Witch Watch / The Hexed Mansion of Agatha Misty

      28 Oct '01
      A) A cauldron, a potion, two witches, three kids and lots of trouble. B) Agatha Misty, a famous horror writer, needs the gang's help to escape from a Hexed Mansion.
    • 8. The Ninja's Curse / Hal T. Neander

      04 Nov '01
      A) Charley got a cool new weapon from his aunt, unfortunately it is cursed and a ninja's ghost bothers whoever uses the weapon. B) There's a new kid at school, Hal T. Neander, and Angela likes him very much. But what she doesn't know is that he is a real prehistoric kid!
    • 9. Shame on the Shaman / Programmed Pioneers

      11 Nov '01
      A) Mona's uncle sends her a Shaman statue. She decides to put it in the Botanical Gardens, mysteriously the plants around it grow really fast. The gang discovers that the Shaman plans to turn the garden into a wild jungle! B) Charley joined the Boy Scouts, but the leader will do anything to win this year's cup, even take control over the kids minds! How will Mona and Lily be able to help Charley?
    • 10. Flu-topia / The Broken Chain Letter

      18 Nov '01
      A) Miss. Gotto, Angela and Lawrence got the flu and eventually almost everyone gets it too. Mona suspects that a monstrous action figure is causing all this havok. B) On a rainy and dark day Mona got a mysterious chain letter. She has to find where it came from before something terrible happens to her.
    • 11. The Baby Charmer / Monster Trash

      25 Nov '01
      A) Mrs. Bryerson's daughter, Bernice, visits her and brings her baby with her. Mona and the gang notices that around the baby everybody acts like babies. B) The trash collectors are on strike and they haven't collected people's trash for weeks. Funny and mysterios things happen as the gang tries to save the town.
    • 12. The Granite Goliath / Intergalactic Space Campers

      02 Dec '01
      A) A granite giant wants revenge! People steal rocks from his quarry and he is tired of it! Now is up to the gang to give turn this guy into dust. B) Charley and Mona go to a Space Camp, Lily doesn't because his dad wants to take fishing. Charley and Mona get in serious trouble when they discover a big secret.
    • 13. Potato Fish / It's All Relative

      09 Dec '01
      A) The gang discovers a bunch of weird and mysterious potatoes. B) Mona's mom's aunt drops for a visit and Mona discovers that she is a monstrous Black Widow.