• Air date: 13 Sep '99 13 episodes
      Mona the Vampire is a Canadian/French animated television series based on the series Robyn le Vampire, directed by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon, originally based on the short stories created and written Sonia Holleyman and later written by Hiawyn Oram. It is mainly shown on YTV, Radio-Canada, VRAK.TV, CBBC and Cartoon Network Poland. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of 10-year-old Mona Parker and her friends as they battle a new foe of the supernatural in every episode. The show was produced in Montreal by Cinar, in association with Alphanim, Fancy Cape Productions, Agogo Media and Tiji.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. The Night of the Living Scarecrow / The Robot Baby-sitter

      13 Sep '99
      A) A scarecrow is alive and is looking for his favorite food, human brains, he ate a few and turned those people into zombies. Someone has to stop him before he eats everyones brain, but who will stop him? B) Mona got a new babysitter, who happens to be also Angela's babysitter. Mona knows that no human can stand Angela and suspects that her new babysitter might be a monster or an alien. Later she discovers that Belinda is a robot under Angela's control.
    • 2. Von Kreepsula Runs Amok / The Nefarious Computer Virus

      18 Sep '99
      A) Charley accidently sets Von Kreepsula, Mona's #1 archenemy, free from his comic book. Mona and Charley will have to stop him before it's too late. B) Charley got a new computer game, ""Starclangers IV"", eversince he's been acting weird, gets late to school and doesn't gets much sleep. After a while the game becomes everyone's favorite, even Mona's parents' and Mr. Shawbly's. Mona and Lily discover that the game has a virus that infects people's brains, they have to go inside the game and
    • 3. The Miserable Phantom Dog / Jurassic Parking

      20 Sep '99
      A) Mrs. Bryerson poodle disappeared, Mona and Lily think that he became a ghost and that the Phantom Dog Catcher caught him. They have to look for him and bring him back home safe. B) Mona made a Frankensteinorsaurus, following the instructions on a comic book, for her science proyect. She added everything that it needed to become real. Angela and George try to destroy Mona's dinosaur, but their plan backfires when the dinosaur comes alive and eats them (Luckily it didn't had a digestive system
    • 4. The Whirling Void / There's No Place Like Gnome

      25 Sep '99
      A) A whirling void is steeling things from people, even Mona's favorite towel. The gang has to stop him and get back everyone's stuff. B) Small and cute little garden gnomes, huh? This ones just came alive! Hundreds of years ago the Druids put a spell on the gnomes, now the spell is broken and the gnomes are planing to move to Alaska.
    • 5. The Dreaded Human Spider / Night of the Living Mannequin

      27 Sep '99
      A) Miss Gotto falls in love with a Herb Crofton, a visiting entomologist that unfortunately is a human insect! She doesn't knows it, only Mona, Charley and Lily know his secret. B) The mannequins of St. Faith's fashion store, come alive and walk around the city pretending to be normal people. They just want to be free, can someone understand them? Meanwhile, Angela makes fun of Mona's clothes but at the end Mona's clothes wins a fashion contest.
    • 6. The X-Change Student / The Red Moon Monsters

      02 Oct '99
      A) A mysterious exchange student, Cedric, comes to Mona's school. Where is he from? What does he want? Is he friendly? B) Lily loves The Red Moon Monsters movies and her knowledge about them will be very useful in this new adventure.
    • 7. The Skeleton Cowboy / Men in Dark Suits

      25 Oct '99
      A) A skeleton cowboy runs amok stealing stuff, what exactly does he wants? There's only one answer: Revenge! B) Men in Dark Suits? What are they doing here? They are aliens trying to wash everyone's brain and decide to begin at Mona's school.
    • 8. The Vampire Hunter / The Sounds of Sirens

      01 Nov '99
      A) There's a new girl at Mona's school, she is a vampire hunter and befriends Angela. Angela tells her that Mona is an evil vampire and she decides to hunt her and make her loose her powers. B) Charley falls in love with a Lucy Lanning. Lily and Mona suspect that she's a siren and that Charley is under her spell.
    • 9. The Book of the Slimy / The Sam and Ella Infiltration

      08 Nov '99
      A) Mona took her journal to school for a 'Show and Tell', unfortunately Angela takes it from her and sets many of Mona's old enemies free. They have to get all those gnasty little monsters back into the book. B) Sam and Ella come to Mona's school as the new cookers, but their real purpouse is to contaminate the food with salmonella. Yuck! Shawbly eats some contaminated food and the gang has to save him.
    • 10. Curse of the Mummy's Tomb / Freaky the Snowman

      15 Nov '99
      A) The kids visit the Museum and see an Egyptian Mummy, somehow it comes to live and walks around freely. The gang has to stop it before it is too late! B) Everyone makes fun of Mona's snowman, Freaky. Now Freaky, tired of it, is ready to take revenge.
    • 11. The Dastardly Dr. Voodoo / The Dancing Underpants Ghoulie

      22 Nov '99
      A) Miss. Gotto fell in love with a doctor and begans to act very weird, she has a new 'look' and a new attitude. Mona discovers that Miss. Gotto's new boyfriend is actually the dastardly Dr. Voodoo, he stole Miss. Gotto's heart and now she is under his evil spell. B) At the Laundry, Mrs. Bryerson saw a dancing underpant and everyone thinks that she is crazy, everyone but Mona, Fangs, Charley and Lily, now, they have to stop the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie and prove that Mrs. Bryerson isn't crazy
    • 12. Cry of the Swamp Thing / The Haunted House of the Washburns

      29 Nov '99
      A) Charley, Lily and Mona heard a strange cry near the swamp, the Reverend also heard it and is trying to take a picture of whatever makes that sound. B) Miss. Gotto bought a house, but there's something she doesn't knows... the house is haunted!
    • 13. Spirit of the Woods / The Bogeyman Cometh

      06 Dec '99
      A) Mona and the gang go to a school trip to the woods. But extrange things begin to happen when Angela takes something that doesn't belongs to her. B) Charley's biggest fear, the Bogeyman, is back! Mona and the rest of the gang will have to help him to defeat fear. Soon they discover the cause of the Bogeyman's grumpiness.