• Air date: 29 Jan '24 19 episodes
      Bheem, a fun-loving toddler with incredible strength, is heading to school. Join his classroom adventures as he makes new friends and plenty of mischief!
  • List of Episodes (19)
    • 2. Bubli’s Toy Truck

      29 Jan '24
      A remote-controlled toy truck leads to a lesson in sharing.
    • 3. Tukaram’s Birthday

      29 Jan '24
      It's time for cake and gifts as Bheem's class celebrates Tukaram's birthday.
    • 4. Bheem’s Pencil

      29 Jan '24
      Bheem shows his brand new pencil to his friends.
    • 5. Class Picnic

      29 Jan '24
      Bheem and his class are having a picnic — but will naughty monkeys ruin their day?
    • 6. Treasure Hunt

      29 Jan '24
      A search for treasure takes the gang on an adventure!
    • 7. Palace Tour

      29 Jan '24
      On a visit to the palace, Bheem meets a princess as the class gets into mischief.
    • 8. Art Attack

      29 Jan '24
      Bheem learns about different kinds of art from his friends.
    • 9. Bheem Gets the Animal

      29 Jan '24
      The class turns into a zoo when the children bring their pets for a wild day at school!
    • 10. Trainer’s Day

      29 Jan '24
      The kids play pranks after a new fitness coach arrives.
    • 11. Ghost in School

      29 Jan '24
      A ghost at school who's stealing toys? It's up to Bheem to save the day!
    • 12. Land of Shapes

      29 Jan '24
      A lesson about shapes leaves the kids running in circles.
    • 13. Genie in the School

      A magical genie brings toys for the kids — but what does he wish for?
    • 14. Not a Nap Day

      At nap time, an energetic Bheem distracts an unexpected visitor.
    • 15. Sports Day

      Get ready for fun, fitness and teamwork as Bheem and his friends compete in their school's sports day!
    • 16. Dirty Pappu

      Pappu needs a bath — so the children decide to give him one.
    • 17. Mind the Class

      Bheem's class must stay quiet to get a sweet, but not everyone follows the rules!
    • 18. Hot Summer Day

      Can Bheem and his friends beat the heat on a sunny day?
    • 19. Class Photo

      The children strike their best poses for a photographer at the school's picture day.