Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays : Season 1

    • Air date: 14 Sep '11 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. Small Talk

    • David and Michael head to a shopping mall to tackle Michael's fear of small talk. David begins a passionate affair with his editor.

    2. Unscripted Conversation

    • As part of the therapeutic process, David sends Michael off to a department store to talk to strangers. Things are so complicated with Sammy that David asks his publisher for a new editor.

    3. Vomiting

    • David is openly irritated that Michael is dating his receptionist Claire, especially since she knows all about David's book. Will Claire keep his secret?

    4. Sleeping With People

    • Michael is terrified by the idea of spending a night with Claire. What if he snores?

    5. Bridges

    • Michael is seriously not ready to overcome his fear of bridges. Dr. Wasserman and Sammy push David to tell Michael about the book.

    6. Trust

    • Who can Michael trust? His therapist has betrayed him and his girlfriend has known all along.

    7. Heights

    • David pushes Michael to explore his fear of heights, putting more strain on their relationship. Michael forces himself to read David's book.

    8. Being Alone

    • David is frantic. Michael has disappeared. When he does turn up, Michael announces that there is another therapist in his life.

    9. Ridicule

    • Michael embarks on a new course of therapy with Judy, a well-being coach. She recommends David and Michael have a joint session to repair their relationship.

    10. Sweating

    • Michael thinks his sweating is disgusting. But nothing's as hot as the scathing review of David's book.

    11. Failure

    • The review hurts - a lot. David is successful in desensitizing Michael to the criticism by having him read it out loud, over and over again. The repetition has the opposite effect on David.

    12. Endings

    • After washing down sleeping pills with Scotch, David wakes up in the emergency ward. For Michael, the successful elder abuse ad campaign means a promotion, more responsibility and more anxiety.