Merry Happy Whatever : Season 1

    • Air date: 28 Nov '19 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. Welcome, Matt

    • On the first day of his visit, Matt gets a crash course in Quinn family dynamics when Don brushes him off and Kayla has a relationship crisis.

    2. Harmony

    • Drama swirls ahead of the family's traditional night of caroling as Joy catches Sean in a lie, Emmy questions Matt's career goals, and Don upsets Nancy.

    3. Interference

    • It's the Sunday before Christmas, when the Quinn men watch football and the Quinn women decorate the tree. But this may be the year traditions change.

    4. Happy Mall-idays

    • Don's quest for a last-minute gift means a family trip to the mall, where Kayla tries to chat up a barista, and Emmy and Matt squabble over finances.

    5. Twas the Night Before the 4th Night of Hanukkah

    • As Don tries to rally the family for Midnight Mass, Patsy and Todd share big news, while Matt looks for signs about whether he should propose to Emmy.

    6. Merry Ex-Mas

    • On Christmas Day, Emmy eagerly awaits Matt's proposal, Don makes another misstep with Nancy, and Kayla rethinks her decision about her marriage.

    7. Christmas Break

    • Emmy learns the truth about her job opportunity, Matt endears himself to Emmy's siblings, and a nervous Don prepares for his big date with Nancy.

    8. Ring In The New Year

    • Reeling from the state of her relationship with Matt, Emmy calls out Don on his controlling behavior. Kayla opens up on New Year's Eve.