Mercy Point : Season 1

    • Air date: 06 Oct '98 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. New Arrivals

    • A computer virus attacks a computer technician and soldiers. Operation in zero gravity saves an unborn baby and mother. Dru arrives as a new resident, confronting her estranged sister Haylen and former lover CJ. Grote tries to find his family. ANI is promoted to Head Nurse and helps save Tobitt who has resented her. CJ's past with Dru is discovered. Dr. Batung shows his skill but shows his dislike for humans.

    2. Opposing Views

    • A shuttle accident sends passengers to Mercy Point. Accused of disobeying the dead pilot's orders, the dying co-pilot is given a memory download on orders of ISC's Charlie Bantam. The doctors resist his cold approach. Lily Parks becomes Dru first patient. A patient with lunar pneumonia is treated in cryostatis by CJ and Grote. Batung gives world famous gymnast Nancy Curtis two artificial legs. He tries to understand her anger, ends up apologizing to her and trying to motivate her. Dru catc

    3. Last Resort

    • Grote is pressured by an influentual man to perform an experimental procedure on his dying son. The procedure fails and the son ends up saving an alien with a blood transfusion.

    4. Second Chances

    5. No Mercy

    6. Battle Scars

    7. Persistence of Vision

    8. C.J.