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      Air date: 18 Nov '21 11 episodes
      Matsya Thada (Ravii Dubey) is an honourable con artist, who instead of using his brawn, conducts his 'kaand' with aptitude, intelligence, and charm. He's known for pulling off some of the country's most daring and biggest cons, and he always manages to get past the cops as he moves from one operation to the next. However, fate throws him a new curveball when ACP Tejraj Singh (Ravi Kishan) is given charge of his case. Matsya challenges ACP Tejraj to catch him if he can, which leads to a cat and mouse chase that will surely keep you at the edge of your seat.
      Matsya Kaand season 1 has 11 episodes. It is a drama, crime web-series starring Ravi Dubey, Ravii Kishan, Piyush Mishra and Zoya Afroz. Season 1 for Matsya Kaand aired on 18 Nov '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform MX Player.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • 18 years old Matsya lands up in jail for an act of arson. However, he has left things unfinished outside and so tries to escape the prison. While doing so, Matsya meets Anand Pandit- a fellow prisoner. With this begins a whole new journey for Matsya as a conman.
    • Matsya sets his plan in action and lands up in Meerut to take Anand’s revenge. He starts laying traps for Suri. However, he is not in this alone and makes a team with new members. Who are these members?
    • To avenge Matsya, Suri calls ruthless cop Tejraj for help and asks him to get hold of Matsya and his team. Tejraj is now on the lookout for Matsya. Will he be able to get to Matsya?
    • While Matsya is able to escape from Tejraj, Raju is left injured. Tejraj comes close to catching Matsya and his team. However, Matsya decides to strike back. The consequences are going to be disastrous, but for whom?
    • Matsya opens up to Urvashi and Raju and shares with them about his past and how he ended up in jail. What would have happened to have an 18-year-old boy locked in prison?
    • A new day brings about a new mission for Matsya and his team. This time, they land in Jaipur to plan their next con. Tejraj is tracking every past move of Matsya and is moving closer to him. Will he be able to catch the team red-handed?
    • Matsya and his team are preparing for the marriage of Ajmera and on the other hand, Tejraj has reached Matsya’s village. He is now only one step away from catching Matsya. Will he be able to get hold of Matsya?