Mani : Season 4

    • Air date: 19 Jun '19 6 episodes
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. Karma Medow

    • Harmony and her friends pack their bags and head to Camp Karma Meadow, but what promises to be the vacation of their dreams looks like something from a nightmare.

    2. Jail Break

    • Harmony, Goth Girl and Britney work together on a plan to escape Camp Karma Meadow.

    3. Boo Bear Blues

    • Mani arrives at Camp Karma Meadow, but will he and the kids be able to stop Billy from making off with all their money.

    4. Little Mani

    • When things get dire at Camp Karma Meadow, it's up to Mani, Harmony, Goth Girl and her new crush, Goth Boy to hunt up some grub.

    5. Happy Campers

    6. Twenty Thousand Fakes