Mandrake : Season 1

List of Episodes (8)

1. A Cidade Não é Aquilo Que Se Vê do Pão de Açúcar

  • A Playboy falls for a prostitute and hires Mandrake to negotiate her "release" from the brothel where she works.

2. Dia dos Namorados

  • Mandrake works to resolve the troubles of a love triangle gone wrong.

3. Eva

  • Mandrake is hired by a senator who is blackmailed when his mistress turns up dead.

4. Yag

  • A famous stylist is blackmailed by an anonymous who threatens to expose his eccentric sex life

5. Detetive

  • N/A

6. Atum Vizcaya

  • Mandrake intermediates when a rich kid turned drug dealer gets kidnapped for ransom by dirty cops.

7. Kolkata

  • A colleague calls Mandrake to handle an emergency in an orgy at a millionaire's mansion involving prominent people.

8. Amparo

  • When the ninfomaniac girlfriend of an Argentine pop star vanishes in the city, Mandrake is hired to find the girl.