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      Air date: 05 Jun '21 3 episodes
      A loving couple Yugal & Chhavi in a live-in relationship decided to get married but father of the groom insisted to meet the girl before giving his nod for the marriage. This is one problem but we have one more, Yugal's Ex Bani called and she wants to stay in his house for a week. But When Bani came, her boyfriend Rajat then Chhavi got shocked because Rajat is Chhavi's Ex. Now in a house two couples are living with their respective Ex's and now Yugal's father is also visiting them. Let's see what happens how these love birds react and save their marriage.
      Main Tera BF Tu Meri GF season 1 has 3 episodes. It is a drama, comedy web-series starring Pawan Yadav, Shefali Sharma, Sarthak Sharma and Ritika Sharma. It is created by Umesh Rajput. Season 1 for Main Tera BF Tu Meri GF aired on 05 Jun '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.