Magic Knight Rayearth : Season 1

    • Air date: 17 Oct '94 20 episodes
  • List of Episodes (20)

    1. The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights!

    • Durning a field trip at the Tokyo Tower, three girls from three different schools, are transported to a medieval like land named Cephiro. The girls introduces themselves, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, who are all in the 8th grade, reguardless how they look. They are greeted by a wizard named Clef. Clef explains that their high ruler, Princess Emeraude was imprisoned by one of her guards name Zagat, high above the skies of Cephiro. He then explains that Princess Emeraude made it clear about the Legenda

    2. Presea of the Woods of Silence

    • Guided by Clef's words stuck in their head, they reach the Silent Forrest. They are dropped off by the big griffin like bird, and wonders how the hell are they getting into the mansion like place, when it's surrounded by a wall with no doors. Fuu suggests on knocking. Umi is very skeptical, but when Hikaru starts to knock on the wall, a door opens. They try to call for someone, but no one is greeting them. They have little arguments on not being rude, and decide to enter without permission.

    3. Ferio the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsmen

    • While travelling to Eterna Lake, they run into a guy named Ferrio who saves them from a monster. Ferrio then offer them to be their guide to get out of the Silence forest. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follow them. The girls then discuss about him being their guide, but they can't trust him, due to the fact he still a stranger. They let him be their guide and uses food as payment since they have no money. We then find out that Ferrio was an entertainer, and Princess Emeraud

    4. Alcyone, the Vengful Sorceress

    • The girls run into what seems like to be a deserted village. They are captured in a net, and find out that the villagers were hiding from monsters, corrupting their land. A monster then shows up, forcing the villagers to go back into hiding. They get the monster's attention by hitting it after going after a little girl. The monster attack them (setting them free), and with Hikaru's magic, she defeats it. Umi is happy, and suggests to hurry to Eterna to get Escudo, but suddenly falls to the

    5. Escudo, the Legenday Ore

    • Alcyone begs Zagato for another chance, to kill the Magic Knights, after saying she has a plan (this time). The girls reach a lake, thinking it's Eterna. Mokona tells them it's not Eterna. A monster then attacks them (it was the form of the lake) and Umi destroys it with her Water Dragon. The monster rain on them, making them glow, and they brush it off, after they dry up. They head for Eterna, as Alcyone watches afar, laughing to herself. They head on to Eterna, only to see a line. Mokon

    6. Live's at Stake - Presea's Weapons

    • Ascot sends one of his worm creatures to kill the Magic Knights. Ascot decides to take a nap while his creature kills them. The girls gives Presea Escudo, along with their weapons. Presea proceeds to make them in another room, and the hear the monster. The girls tells Presea to take care of their weapons, while they handle the monster. The worm attacks the Magic Knights who are a bit sucessful in defending themselves, but it turns and heads for someone else... Presea! Weak, Presea finally

    7. Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the Desert

    • Clef tells the girls with each earthquake that happens in Cephiro it means that Cephiro is falling. If Cephiro falls completely, they cannot go back to their world. He then tells then to become a Magic Knight, they would need to awaken their Machine. Mokona knows the way to each one. Ferrio, sees Ascot, planning an attack on the girls, and he tricks Ascot, by saying he would want to help. Ascot doesn't fall for it, and tells him if he could, bring the girls to him in the desert, where the m

    8. The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot

    • Hikaru takes an estrange monster for caring. She names it Hikaru after her dog. We then find out that ""Hikari"" is actually a ""pet""/monster that Ascot was training. Hikaru spends too much time with Hikari and Fuu and Umi thinks she'd been hurt by a monster or something worse. They go out looking for her, and find a monster by Hikaru. They are ready to kill it, but Hikaru tells them it's Hikari. They don't fight it, but Hikari (or ""Bigot"" the real name) runs amuck on the forest, settin

    9. The Magic Knights' Greatest Crisis

    • Alycone manages to trick Ascot into freeing her from a barrier that was holding her against her will. She promised him to give power to one of his monsters that would kill those Magic Knights. In an open field, Umi is still obessed with her fencing competition that would of been a week away when they originally arrived in Cephiro, even though weeks (or possibly a month) already has passed by. Hikaru suggest if you wish hard enough, maybe you can still make it at your competition, since Cephir

    10. The Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God

    • The girls reach a lake, and Mokona reveals a Machine is in it. They travel underneath the water, to a place with air (thanks to Mokona.) Umi doesn't feel good, and starts to glow. She wanders off, and suddenly they notice a painting of a blue dragon. It's start to come out, and Umi is cut off from Hikaru and Fuu behind two large doors. Ascot then shows up with his monster, and battle the Hikaru and Fuu. They don't to much damage, but Fuu points out the glowing jewel on its head, and Hikaru

    11. The Legend of the Rune-Gods - In Cephiro, Another World

    • The girls are flying off to the flying mountain that the first saw when they were transported there. The mountain is holding the castle were Princess Emeraude is being held. When they almost got there, they were attacked by Zagato, but then saved by Princess Emeraude. Ferrio wass bored, and while resting, he brings out his comminucator. He then gets a message from Princess Emeraude to save the girls by the lake of Piraus Village. He does so, and they take rest there for a bit. Meanwhile, T

    12. The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina

    • The girls are travelling, when Mokona tells them to go up. Mokona then reveals a Machine is up there in one of the flying mountains. Caldina and Ascot manages to catch up with them. Caldina tells Ascot, she'll take care of everything, and tells him to wait for her. Caldina uses a spell to think the ground is soft and shaky, as well as big rocks falling on them. THe girls panic, and fall to the bottom. They wake up and see a cave, when the ground continues to shake. Once inside, they see C

    13. The Most Valuable Thing in this World

    • Caldina is determine to kill the girls inorder to receive the pile of money from Zagato. Ascot doesn't care for it anymore, and tries to convince Caldina not to attack them. Caldina uses her ""bells"" to hypnotize Hikaru and Umi against Fuu. Fuu uses her magic to hold back them, and doesn't know Caldina is only a few steps away. Caldina reveals herself, and forces Fuu to attack Hikaru and Umi. Ascot blocks an attack, and Caldina stops and freezes him. Fuu manages to break thru, and hits Ca

    14. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyeilding Wish

    • After battling a fierce monster, the girls find out that Mokona is able to project the land of Cephiro. They soon find out that they need to head for the skies for the other Machine, as well as their location (where they are currently at.) Soon after a bright light showed up, kidnapping Umi and Fuu. A picture of Clef (projected by Mokona's jewel) shows up and tells how there are unusual monsters, and other unimportant stuff and some back story that could be just brushed off. Hikaru remembers

    15. The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies

    • Innova asks Zagato to have his turn to try and kill the girls, and he agrees. In Cephiro's very first storm, the girls take refuge in a cave, near the sky shrine, where another Machine is being held. When Fuu starts to worry about Ferrio, she brings out her communicator, only to be called by him. He tells them, he's nearby, and want to take refuge with them. Just before entering the cave, Ferrio notices a girl lying on the ground, holding a herb. Fuu is excited when she sees Ferrio's silhou

    16. A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster

    • Zagato informs Princess Emeraude that he is using mind control to send one of the Princess' skilled swordsmen/royal guard to kill the girls. She begs Zagato to stop, but he doesn't listen. With the girls, they are traveling to the volcano-like shrine to revive Hikaru's machine, only to be attacked by a big flying bird. They try to fight it off with their swords, but it's no use. It then takes a hold of Umi and flies off. Fuu tries to give Umi her sword, but Umi's sword turns into water whil

    17. The Truth About Inouva, and the Return of Memories

    • Innova once again begs Zagato to return him to his true form. To his surprise Zagato does, and Innova, who transforms into a wild beast wolf-like creature goes after the girls. Meanwhile with Ferrio, memories slowly come back to him, and is it revealed that he is Princes Emeraude's younger brother. He then runs to the girls. The girls are really losing, and when all seem lost, Ferrio communicates thru the orb, and tells them that Innova's weak spot is the jewel on his head. Hikaru manages t

    18. The Last Rune-God: Rayearth, the Lord of Fire

    • Alcyone spies on Zagato, as he talks with Emeraude. She notices again, he is not physically attacking her, but merely just verbally making trouble. She slolwy gets more of her doubts with the ""kidnapping"" of Princess Emeraude. Mokona leads the girls into a hot (asui!) volcano where the last Machine is being held for Hikaru. Umi and Fuu starts to get worried about Hiakru when she acts weird, and is disappears (like the others did.) She wakes up in a firey room, when a firey wolf/dog (or su

    19. Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato

    • The girls start to head towards the flying mountain in the sky, and remembers the good times, and bad times they had. They then get a message from Princess Emeraude, telling them to grant her wish and save Cepiro. They finally reach the place, only to find Zagato in his own Machine preventing them to come any further. They fight, they get injured, and when it looks like they don't win, they combine all of their powers, Red Lighting, Dragon Water, and Green Gale. They shoot it towards Zagato,

    20. The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights!

    • The girls head to the castle where a girl, looking like Princess Emeraude is waiting for them. After mentioning Zagato's name, she goes berzerk, and climbs into her own machine. She starts to attack them, and they fly out of there (the girls are in their machines.) Once outside, they start to get into a battle with the machine, and get the truth from Princess Emeraude, saying it's her. She then tells them, how her sorta love affair (falling for Zagato actually) was a big no-no for the pillar