• Air date: 05 Feb '85 6 episodes
      A millionaire leaves his fortune to an unknown woman, Catherine Durell, who travels to Norway to take over her newly inherited property. Soon, she finds herself caught in a maelstrom of murder and terror.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. An Ill Wind

      05 Feb '85
      Why did a drowned millionaire leave a fortune to a woman he never knew? To find the answer Catherine Durrell sets out on the journey of a lifetime.
    • 2. Shadows

      12 Feb '85
      'Stay out of the channel between the farmhouse and the island'. But for Catherine Durrell the enigma of the ghostly island poses questions that must be answered.
    • 3. In Possession

      19 Feb '85
      After her terrifying and inexplicable experience, Catherine feels she can trust no-one - except Anders. But even as they try to solve the riddle, the unseen menace grows.
    • 4. House of Secrets

      26 Feb '85
      Who painted the frightening pictures hidden in the cellar? Catherine is urged to leave the farmhouse and go home, but she finds herself falling in love.
    • 5. In the Vortex

      05 Mar '85
      As the island house begins to yield up its secrets Catherine and Anders are convinced they know the identity of her assailant. But time is running out.
    • 6. Out of the Depths

      12 Mar '85
      As the midsummer night bonfires burn along the fjords, Catherine finally learns the truth about her inheritance. But she has one more terrifying ordeal to face.