• Air date: 03 Mar '23 6 episodes
      Inspired by true events, the gangster epic LUDEN tells the rise of the Nutella Gang, the most famous pimp cartel in Hamburg's legendary Reeperbahn during the 1980s. The unusual cartel turns the rough red-light district in St. Pauli into a glamourous place, but it is also the beginning of a power struggle with the established pimps of the GMBH.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Jumbo Jet

      03 Mar '23
      Klaus wants to rise to the top. When he meets the prostitute Jutta, his goal seems to be within his grasp, but he has to face Jutta's pimp, Beatle. Helped by his friends Andy and Bernd, he must prove himself and confront the established pimps of the GMBH.
    • 2. Eros Center

      03 Mar '23
      Klaus, Jutta, Andy and Bernd want to start their own cartel. To have a chance at getting his own floor at the Eros Center, Klaus makes a momentous deal with the godfather of the red-light district, Frida Schulz. Manu makes new friends and meets police officer Hansen. Will he help her find her mother?
    • 3. Andis Bruder

      03 Mar '23
      Klaus turns his floor at the Eros Center into a glamorous venue. While his business is thriving, that of the GMBH is suffering. The rivalry escalates into a man-to-man fistfight. Manu is to perform a show dance at the Flamingo and finds her true talent.
    • 4. Rambazamba

      03 Mar '23
      Manu and Jutta meet, but Jutta does not want to face her responsibilities. Klaus is at the peak of his success and makes a powerful enemy. He gets into trouble with Frida Schulz.
    • 5. Gran Canaria

      03 Mar '23
      The AIDS wave hits St. Pauli and business collapses. Klaus puts all his eggs in one basket. Manu gets closer to Beatle, who pursues his own agenda.
    • 6. Weiße Dame

      03 Mar '23
      To get his hands on money again, Klaus gets involved in the cocaine business. But when a big deal goes south, the war with the GMBH escalates. Klaus must decide what is more important to him, his business or Jutta.