• Air date: 27 Jun '24 4 episodes
      A poor, black immigrant woman is shot and killed in Madrid. The crime triggers an unprecedented social reaction. Who killed Lucrecia? Why? The first clues point to far-right groups. Three decades after the crime, Lucrecia's story stands as a journey to the roots of hatred. With previously unpublished footage, this moving narrative brings to light a crime that goes down in Spanish history as its first racist murder.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 2. Three Bullets

      27 Jun '24
      Far-right fury or score-settling? The Civil Guard starts an internal investigation.
    • 3. Arrested

      27 Jun '24
      The accused give their accounts of events that occurred on the night of the crime.
    • 4. The Sentence

      27 Jun '24
      The country see the four accused for the first time in a trial that will set a precedent.