• Air date: 19 Sep '94 22 episodes
      Love & War is an American television sitcom, which aired on CBS from September 21, 1992 to February 1, 1995. Created by Diane English, the series originally starred Susan Dey as Wally Porter, a Chicago restaurateur, and Jay Thomas as Jack Stein, a sportswriter with whom she had an on-again, off-again romance. After the first season, however, the show was retooled and Dey was fired by the producers of the show, claiming that she and Thomas had "no chemistry" together. She was replaced by Annie Potts as Dana Palladino, who bought Porter's restaurant and also became a love interest for Jack. The first season also featured moments when Jack or Wally would break the fourth wall and address the camera directly, generally using it as an opportunity to discuss an emotional crisis. This mechanic was dropped in later seasons. One episode featured a guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David as themselves, they did this as a "thank you" to creator Diane English for allowing a brief scene on...
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. The Morning After the Night Before

      19 Sep '94
      Jack and Dana's night together gives way to disappointment.
    • 2. A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You

      26 Sep '94
      Patrons of the Blue Shamrock put their evenings on hold to watch TV coverage of an astronaut who is on the run and wanted for murder.
    • 3. The Squeaky Wheel

      03 Oct '94
      Jack gets into trouble for using the handicapped stall at a diner.
    • 4. The Great Escape

      10 Oct '94
      When Nadine hosts a birthday party for her husband in prison, Jack and Dana do some cell mating in the conjugal visiting room.
    • 5. A New York Yankee in Queen Dana's Court

      17 Oct '94
      Jack and Dana's methods of relaxation clash during a Mediterranean vacation.
    • 6. Ten Cents a Dance

      24 Oct '94
      Jack watches as a long-lost love waltzes back into Dana's life during a dance marathon.
    • 7. Jack's Breast

      07 Nov '94
      A wary Jack submit to a mammogram after Dana discovers a strange lump in his chest.
    • 8. Moving In

      14 Nov '94
      Jack moves in with Dana and reluctantly sublets his apartment to Ray.
    • 9. The Luck of the Irish

      28 Nov '94
      Meg's relationship with a New York Knick becomes public domain after his performance on the court seemingly become linked to their performance in another arena.
    • 10. The Bum

      05 Dec '94
      Abe is outraged when a homeless man sues the Blue Shamrock, claiming that a free meal gave him food poisoning.
    • 11. A Purse, a Date, and a Plane

      12 Dec '94
      Ray must face his own bigotry when his blind date turns out to be black.
    • 12. At the Pantheon (1)

      04 Jan '95
      Regulars at the Blue Shamrock share their memories of a landmark movie theatre that's about to be torn down. (Part 1 of 2)
    • 13. At the Pantheon (2)

      11 Jan '95
      Conclusion of two-parter. The bar patrons share more memories of a landmark theater that's closing and Jack tells of spending an evening there with his father.
    • 14. Nadine Sings the Blues

      18 Jan '95
      The gang takes Nadine out on the town after her divorce is finalized.
    • 15. Mob Story

      25 Jan '95
      Jack and the gang suspect that a flamboyant man and his entourage who have made the Blue Shamrock their new hangout may be gangsters.
    • 16. I Like to Be in America

      01 Feb '95
      INS agents arrest an unlikely suspect when they visit the Blue Shamrock to look for illegal aliens among the employees: it seems Dana isn't a US citizen.
    • 17. One Strike, You're Out

      18 Aug '95
      Jack's newspaper shuts down during a strike.
    • 18. Atlantic City

      18 Aug '95
      Bad luck is in the cards for most of the gang when Jack invites his friends to Atlantic City to celebrate his birthday.
    • 19. The Proposal

      18 Aug '95
      Hoping to take control of his own destiny, an unemployed Jack makes plans to break up with Dana.
    • 20. Shrunken Heads

      18 Aug '95
      On the eve of their wedding, Jack and Dana seek help from a therapist.
    • 21. Tradition

      18 Aug '95
      Jack's bachelor party lands him in the hospital after a buddy stresses him out by sharing the details of a horribly messy divorce.
    • 22. Some Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and a Cat

      18 Aug '95
      Jack has an important job interview the same day that he's supposed to marry Dana.