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      Air date: 05 Feb '21 15 episodes
      The story revolves around a murder and finding out whether it was planned or accidental, what adds to the mystery is that the one's charged with the incident are five interns at a hospital, whether they are saviours or traitors of life forms the story, as per the official plotline.
      Love Scandals & Doctors season 1 has 15 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Ishaan Anuradha Khanna, Ashmita Jaggi, Ayush Shrivastava and Surabhi Tiwari. It is created by Saqib Pandor. Season 1 for Love Scandals & Doctors aired on 05 Feb '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform ALTBalaji and ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • Kartik, Vikram, Sara, Rahima, and Kabir have completed 6 months as interns at the prestigious KMRC hospital. When patient number 36 goes missing, the five interns make a pact not to reveal the secret.
    • 2. Deja Chu

      05 Feb '21
      Inspector Tavish arrives to investigate the case of the missing patient, and the interns start feeling the pressure. The fervour of turning their dreams into reality changes with Asif’s disappearance and the equation between the interns turns hostile.
    • Inspector Tavish cross-examines Kartik, Vikram, Sara, Rahima, Kabir, and Chitra and leaves no stone unturned in his attempt to find the truth. Meanwhile, Kartik and Vikram’s relationship begins to crumble under pressure.
    • 4. Game On

      05 Feb '21
      The relationship between Kartik and Vikram changes with Sara’s entry. Tavish questions Rahima about her role in her husband Asif’s disappearance and offers to help if she reveals the truth.
    • Rahima opens up about her toxic relationship with Asif and Tavish shifts his focus on Sara. The case of the missing patient turns into a murder case when Asif’s body is found. As the news breaks out, the interns begin to panic.
    • From competing to be ‘Intern of the year’ to now covering up their involvement in Asif’s murder, the interns have come a long way. Rahima gets suspended and Vikram remembers the day when he saw Asif harassing her. The interns are under the radar for their involvement in Asif’s murder.
    • 8. The Secret

      05 Feb '21
      Each intern tries to hide the evidence that could link them to the murder. They recall their awful encounter with Asif at the party. Meanwhile, a discrepancy in the drug inventory records confirms Tavish’s suspicions and Kartik and Vikram vow to find the culprit before Tavish.
    • Three weeks prior to his death, Asif was admitted to KMRC. His toxic relationship with each intern pitted them against each other. Meanwhile, Sara reveals to Kartik and Vikram, the reason for stealing the drug that killed Asif.
    • Rahima’s affair with Sam comes out in the open and Sara explains how Rahima benefits the most from Asif’s death. The interns also learn that Sam was regularly administering small doses of opioid to Asif, but did she give the dose that killed Asif?
    • Sam becomes the new suspect and must prove that it wasn’t her dosage that killed Asif. Rahima was a victim of Asif’s rage that resulted in his death. But, who was the person to administer the last dose to Asif?
    • Kabir opens up to Tavish about his complex association with Asif. While Kabir is relieved to know that he is not responsible for Asif’s death, he is panic-stricken about his orientation being revealed. Meanwhile, Vikram is arrested on the grounds of using a blunt weapon to kill Asif.
    • 13. The Death

      05 Feb '21
      Tavish interrogates Vikram when new evidence is found against him. Meanwhile, Kabir’s suicide turns into a murder case and Sara is arrested for the same. The interns find injury marks on Kabir’s body. Is Sara being framed?
    • 14. The Truth

      05 Feb '21
      Based on the injury marks on Kabir’s body, Tavish eliminates Sara’s involvement in his death. Sam reveals a dark chapter of her life and makes a serious accusation against Dr. Rana.
    • 15. The Finale

      05 Feb '21
      Sam reveals about Dr. Rana’s involvement in Asif and Kabir’s death. Chitra’s effort to find proof against Dr. Rana proves to be futile and she decides to extract a confession from him. Is Dr. Rana responsible for Asif and Kabir’s murder?