• Air date: 18 May '23 6 episodes
      Cezary Pazura invites ten comedy stars and entertainment personalities to a unique challenge, where they can’t laugh for six hours. Contestants try everything to make others laugh while keeping a poker face at the same time. Those who can’t make it are out of the game. See who will be the last one laughing!
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    • Guests arrive and the game begins. Someone makes coffee, someone else serves hard-boiled eggs. Adam attacks with animals and Kasia leads the warm-up. No holds barred, so it's a good thing one of the participants had a life jacket with them. Who will fail to stay afloat and break first?
    • The contestants are surprised by a visit from a dangerously funny guest. Meanwhile, Robert’s christening, as family events tend to do, turns into quite a circus. Adam gets an unexpected letter that will change his life. And an art history professor spins a tale of a battle where not everyone will emerge unscathed.
    • Czarek Pazura reaches for his secret weapon. He sends in a master of bad jokes to the participants. Will everyone manage to keep a poker face while Karol Strasburge tells his jokes? Meanwhile, Wiolka and Czarek Jóźwik surprise their rivals with their songs.
    • The road to the final turns out to be more difficult than it seemed at first. The studio turns into a boxing ring and an animal enclosure. The jokes keep coming and everyone wants to win, but there isn't much time left to make the opponents laugh.