• Air date: 22 Mar '24 6 episodes
      Jaya, a meek homemaker, has been subjected to relentless verbal abuse by her husband over the years. As she confronts society's stifling expectations of women to raise her voice against the abuse, her life becomes a battleground in her quest to regain her self-esteem.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Grihoprobesh

      22 Mar '24
      Living a life of constant disrespect, Jaya keeps sinking into a pit of despair as her husband doesn't leave any chance to berate her.
    • 2. Kotha

      22 Mar '24
      When Mou advises Jaya to protest against the abuse, she decides to take a break from their marriage. But Partha gaslights Jaya and forces her into a medical institution.
    • 3. Ami Pagol Noi

      22 Mar '24
      Jaya's condition aggravates after she runs away from the psychiatric institution. Partha ousts Jaya from home after seeing sparks of violence in her behaviour.
    • 4. Khanchay Bondi

      22 Mar '24
      Returning home breathes new life into Jaya. Mou introduces Jaya to one of her friends, a lawyer. As old wounds start to haunt, Jaya decides to seek medical help.
    • 5. Lojja Kore

      22 Mar '24
      When Partha sees Jaya at a restaurant with Mou and Shourjya, he verbally abuses Jaya in front of everyone and takes a tough call.
    • 6. Atmasamman

      22 Mar '24
      Standing at the junction of fear, anger and resentment, Jaya has to choose between her family and her self-esteem.