Lobo : Season 1

    • Air date: 27 Jul '00 15 episodes
      The many adventures of the Main Man Lobo, a galactic bounty hunter.
  • List of Episodes (15)

    1. Lobo Is a Four Letter Word

    • Lobo and an escaped con known as Sunny Jim struggle over a human waitress.

    2. Market Day

    • Lobo follows Sunny Jim and Darlene to Tubo's Swap Meet at an unknown planet.

    3. Pit Stop

    • Lobo follows Sunny Jim and Darlene to the Interstellar Managers Planet, home of the ravenous MBA.

    4. It's Fraggin' Time Again

    • Lobo had been killing about 100 MBA when Darlene and Sunny Jim were running towards them.

    5. Payback Time

    • Lobo is near close to killing Sunny Jim as he plans to have hard sex with Darlene at Big Ahmet's.

    6. Bustin' Out of Oblivion

    • Lobo was given a task by Sniff to free his younger brother from jail in exchange for Cuban cigars.

    7. Bustin' Out of Oblivion Part 2

    • Lobo found Slaz but was outraged that Slaz will celebrate his homosexual lover's birthday.

    8. Bustin' Out of Oblivion Part 3

    • Lobo is still upset that Slaz doesn't want to leave prison.

    9. Lobo For President

    • Lobo becomes a candidate for Intergalactic President, to his enragement.

    10. Breakout!

    • Lobo finally helps Slaz and Snake leave prison.

    11. When Pigs Fly

    • Lobo has to pay his debts for Fat Whutzat by turning in the Porkan criminal Mudboy.

    12. Arms & The Main Man

    • Lobo buys a tracking device from Stumpy to find Mudboy.

    13. Eat This!

    • Lobo's tracking device is marking at a Snake instead of Mudboy.

    14. Repeating Offender

    • Lobo learned that the Snake ate Mudboy and is willing to force the reptile to vomit his quarry.

    15. Lobo's Special Fanboy Episode

    • Lobo provides commentary on the series premiere as well as a recap.