• Air date: 11 Nov '19 8 episodes
      What if the terrible general "collapse" of our civilization, the collapse everyone is talking about right now, really happened soon? Several destinies of individuals and families, at different times of the collapse, trying to survive as best they can in a world that is no longer running smoothly, between lack of resources (energy, food ...), riots, panic and insecurity.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. The Supermarket (D+2)

      11 Nov '19
      Omar is a cashier in a supermarket that's having supply problems. Suddenly, his girlfriend shows up with a few friends. They come to stock up on groceries to get out of town before it's too late... Omar hesitates to follow them.
    • 2. The Petrol Station (D+5)

      11 Nov '19
      In the middle of a petrol shortage, a family, owner of a petrol station, takes advantage of the situation to build up a stock of food.
    • 3. The Airfield (D+6)

      18 Nov '19
      A very wealthy man has taken out an insurance policy in case there is a problem in the country. But the evacuation plan is activated sooner than he could have imagined. He has only 15 minutes to reach a plane that will take him to safety.
    • 4. The Hamlet (D+25)

      18 Nov '19
      Former city residents, migrating to the countryside, land in a hamlet where people still manage to provide for themselves. With limited accommodation capacity, will they be welcomed?
    • 5. The Power Plant (D+45)

      25 Nov '19
      With the help of a bunch of volunteers, a former nuclear engineer is fighting against time in order to continue cooling the old nuclear waste fuels cells of a power plant.
    • 6. The Nursing Home (D+50)

      25 Nov '19
      A caregiver refuses to abandon the residents of a nursing home until the day when all the provisions he had accumulated are stolen from him
    • 7. The Island (D+170)

      02 Dec '19
      Travelling the oceans with her sailboat, a woman is looking for a self-sufficient high-tech island, designed by and for ultra-rich people.
    • 8. The TV show (D-5)

      02 Dec '19
      Before the collapse, a scientist and environmental activists interrupt's a successful live TV show to deliver their message and confront the minister of Ecology with her responsibilities.