• Air date: 05 Nov '21 6 episodes
      In cosmopolitan 1950s Istanbul, a mother with a troubled past works at a nightclub to reconnect with and help the rebellious daughter she couldn’t raise.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Episode 1

      05 Nov '21
      Newly out of prison, Matilda visits the rabbi to ask after her daughter, Raşel, whose fate rests with Çelebi, a nightclub manager with a vendetta.
    • 2. Episode 2

      05 Nov '21
      Matilda's attempts to connect with Raşel come to naught. Selim reckons with an unwelcome visit ahead of his highly anticipated opening night.
    • 3. Episode 3

      05 Nov '21
      Matilda tells Raşel about a family tragedy — but obscures a key truth. Raşel's involvement with İsmet sends Matilda over the edge.
    • 4. Episode 4

      05 Nov '21
      Raşel presses Matilda for details about her father. Mordo confronts İsmet. Matilda probes Çelebi's past and uncovers a link to her own.
    • 5. Episode 5

      05 Nov '21
      A difficult choice looms for Raşel. Tensions rise between Matilda and Çelebi. Orhan's concerns grow as the political winds shift.
    • 6. Episode 6

      05 Nov '21
      Episode 6 of Season 1