• Air date: 16 Jul '21 8 episodes
      A Food Delivery Guy, who finds a bloody corpse of a young woman in the middle of a night & A Female Police Inspector investigating a missing child's case collide into each other as they meet with a fatal accident, which sends both of them into a Never ending time loop until they figure out an Unimaginable way out of it.
      Kudi Yedamaithe season 1 has 8 episodes. It is a telugu crime, sci-fi web-series starring Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay. It is created by Ram Vignesh. Season 1 for Kudi Yedamaithe aired on 16 Jul '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Aha.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Him & Her

      16 Jul '21
      An accident breaks out between Aadhi, A Food delivery guy & Durga, A Police Inspector which cause the Time loop in both of their lives. Will they figure out a way to bring themselves back to normalcy ?
    • 2. Her & Him

      16 Jul '21
      Begins with the break out of the same accident again between Aadhi & Durga, the story resumes from Durga's perspective where she meets Parvathy who's come to the station to file a complaint. In a dramatic turn of events, Aadhi sees the bloody corpse of Parvathy the same night at her apartment & leaves the place in haste, only to meet with the accident again, caused by Durga which throws both of them back in the Time loop. Will this ever end ?
    • While Aadhi & Durga are trying to figure out the reason behind the time loop, the story Rebegins with showing the precious moments of Parvathy's life before she commits suicide.. Both Aadhi & Durga start their same day again but try to break the chain of their timelines which results in a huge personal loss to Aadhi. The loop has turned more complicated !
    • Starts with Durga trying to break her timeline by investigating the existing case of a missing child in a different way with the hope of finding clues, but only ending in a terrible mess where the child ends up getting killed which leaves Durga in a state of Agony. Nevertheless, The Day Resets !
    • While Aadhi decides not to mess with time ever again after facing undesirable results, Durga begins to research about the possibility of time loop existence. In a surprise turn of events, Aadhi finally learns about Durga & decides to pay her a visit. Will this help ?
    • Durga & Aadhi finally meet, only to realise that there's another person involved in the loop who's none other than Parvathy..Both of them head out to find her but she goes missing.. Finally after few tensed moments, they could meet parvathy but much to their surprise she ends her life, leading to the time loop again
    • Having better awareness about the complexity of their situation now, both Durga & Aadhi meet & decide to help each other to find a solution. In the process, with the help of Aadhi just when Durga is about to make a major breakthrough in her investigation, she gets to know that the missing child is dead, again. But How and Why ? Nevertheless, the Loop prevails !
    • With the major breakthrough she made before & With the Final ray of hope to break the Time loop, Durga meets Aadhi again.. Both of them formulate a plan to save Parvathy & the Missing Child.. Will their efforts put an end to the long lasting loop ? Or Will it continue to prevail ?