• Air date: 18 May '23 10 episodes
      Three teenage girls transform into fierce feline superheroes to save the world from an evil Egyptian goddess — and still have time for soccer practice.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • After an ancient cat guardian awakens, she grants Tabitha and her two new friends superpowers to recover a stolen gemstone and round up evil Spirit Cats.
    • 2. Spirit Cats

      18 May '23
      The Kat Kouncil puts the girls through superpower training, but Tabs, Kia and Zami aren't sure they want to be Chosen Ones — until their first showdown.
    • 3. O'Keeffe on the Run

      18 May '23
      When Mr. O'Keeffe tries to recover the gemstone from Charity's house, the spirit of Anubia possesses him. Can the Kitti Katz reverse the curse?
    • 4. The Secret of Anubia

      18 May '23
      Anubia's spirit is loose on the city, turning everything in her path evil. But before she finds a permanent host, she'll have to face the Kitti Katz.
    • 5. The Power of Charity

      18 May '23
      To find her scepter, Anubia takes over the body of an unwilling host who quickly infects an unsuspecting person close to the Kitti Katz.
    • 6. The Search for the Scepter

      18 May '23
      The spirit of Anubia is on the hunt for the scepter, which will only make her more powerful — unless someone else gets to it first.
    • 7. Search for the Gemstone

      18 May '23
      The Kitti Katz can't find Charity — or the scepter. Meanwhile, Mr. O'Keeffe's encounter with Anubia inspires him to learn more about ancient Egypt.
    • 8. Spirit Cat Chaos

      18 May '23
      Cleo and the gang search for a safe hiding place for the gemstone while the Kitti Katz put their paws together to recover the scepter.
    • 9. The Catnip Conundrum

      18 May '23
      Anubia traps Tabs and Kia in their kitten forms, and the girls need Mr. O'Keeffe's help to change back. Can Zami collect items for the antidote in time?
    • 10. Monorail Madness

      18 May '23
      Aunt Lulu's in trouble, and if Anubia gets her hands on the scepter and the gemstone, she won't be the only one. Kitti Katz to the rescue — me-ow!