• Air date: 02 Jan '21 3 episodes
      Ghost hunters Adam Berry and Amy Bruni help real families who claim to be bedeviled by paranormal activity in their homes.
  • List of Episodes (3)
    • 1. Devil In Salem

      02 Jan '21
      The team travels to Salem to investigate the home of John Proctor, one of the men executed during the infamous witch trials.
    • 2. Zombie Boy

      09 Jan '21
      Researching claims of possession and lost time at a historic estate in Middleborough, Mass.; a mind-bending discovery makes the team realize that the paranormal field is more dangerous than anyone anticipated.
    • 3. False Witness

      16 Jan '21
      In 1673, Rebecca Cornell was found murdered in her Rhode Island home; days later, her ghost testified against her son; the team attempts to conjure the spirits who played a part in the centuries-old crime and reveal the truth.