Killjoys : Season 4

    • Air date: 20 Jul '18 10 episodes
      The end of Season 3 left our Killjoys scattered to the far corners of The J galaxy and beyond. Dutch is on a journey to face her biggest foe yet, while D’av and John are trapped in an elevator in deep space with a pregnant Delle Seyah. They are united by the knowledge of the name of their true enemy: The Lady, an immeasurable manifestation of evil without beginning or end. The Lady is making her play, and our trio has something she wants.
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. The Warrior Princess Bride

    • Trapped in the mysterious and mind-bending greenspace and on the run from the deadly Lady, Aneela and her father Khlyen struggle to stay one step ahead while keeping a wounded Dutch alive.

    2. Johnny Dangerously

    • With criminals chasing an injured Johnny, D'av and Delle Seyah take drastic measures to save him.

    3. Bro-d Trip

    • Johnny manipulates D'av into helping him find a green pool. Zeph faces possible death.

    4. What to Expect When You're Expecting... An Alien Parasite

    • Dutch awakens to John at the brink of madness and the birth of D'av's child.

    5. Greening Pains

    • With D'av's newborn son's life on the line, the trio take desperate measures to save him.

    6. Baby, Face Killer

    • Team Awesome Force faces off with a relentless, deadly assassin whose arrival is triggered by their examination of the memory Khlyen altered in Dutch's mind. While Pree searches for his missing husband on Westerley, Zeph struggles to save Pip from an unexpected medical complication.

    7. O Mother, Where Art Thou

    • With D'avin having left, Dutch and John are left to follow the hidden pulsar in Khlyen's mysterious story that leads them to discover an unexpected past – including the origins of the assassin.

    8. It Takes a Pillage

    • An awkward Jaqobis homecoming takes a deadly turn as Dutch and Zeph risk everything for science.

    9. The Kids Are Alright

    • Team Awesome Force sneaks onto the RAC to rescue Westerly's stolen children; Zeph and Pip grow closer.

    10. Sporemageddon