• Air date: 27 Dec '19 6 episodes
      Amid turmoil in his career and marriage, comedian and film star Kevin Hart opens up about his personal breakthroughs as he navigates crises and fame.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. 24/Kevin

      27 Dec '19
      Months before a public scandal, Kevin Hart offers a glimpse into his ambitious schedule and remembers the woman responsible for his grueling work ethic.
    • 2. Don't Be a Bitch

      27 Dec '19
      Kevin examines his relationship with his father. He also introduces his wife and "road warriors" before getting blindsided by controversy.
    • 3. What Happened in Vegas

      27 Dec '19
      After a public and humiliating mistake, Kevin shares details surrounding the scandal that strained his marriage and brought him closer to his circle.
    • 4. Bulletproof

      27 Dec '19
      Kevin takes ownership of his actions following an intense argument. He then prepares for the release of the first film under his production company.
    • 5. This Has to Work

      27 Dec '19
      While embarking on a global tour, Kevin reflects on his comedic journey and the road to acceptance before receiving the biggest news of his career.
    • 6. Kingdom of Kevin

      27 Dec '19
      Caught in a storm of controversy, Kevin learns a hard lesson in humility and considers the best course of action. Later, hindsight shifts his stance.