• Air date: 07 Jan '22 10 episodes
      A former king, who has a dysfunctional family, devises an outlandish plan to unite his estranged daughters. Meanwhile, an income tax investigation looms over the palace's hidden treasure.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • In the past, the sisters humiliate each other in public and leave the palace. In the present, the Navrasa Royal Games begin, and the sisters face a cooking challenge, but it ends in a bitter squabble.
    • The next game is a stage play performance, but Devyani converts it into a roast on the king, and they make embarrassing jokes about him. King feels he can still save his family as his daughters reunite.
    • The king recreates a horror night to unite his daughters with the common fear of darkness. Mishraji urges King to tell the princesses about the tax problem, but he declares the games will continue.
    • 6. Nightmare?

      07 Jan '22
      Kamini reconnects with Uma. At the palace, the sisters perform the queen’s famous Holi pooja in tandem. Meanwhile, tax officials discuss an infamous officer, who has been given a task related to Shikharwati.
    • 7. Heart-Speak

      07 Jan '22
      An old man claims that the king owes him money for a job he had done 30 years ago that helped him hide a treasure. Gayatri's confession shocks everyone. Roop Singh's real purpose is revealed.
    • 8. Clue-Less

      07 Jan '22
      Roop speculates where King must have hidden the treasure. Kamini wins her first game but is shocked to learn that Veer is leaving for Mewar. Later, she and King have a heart-to-heart conversation.
    • The sisters must face their deepest fears in the next game. King admires his daughters, but the moment is interrupted by an unknown man pointing a gun at the king. Roop decides to raid the palace.