Judgement Day : Season 1

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      Air date: 05 Feb '20 10 episodes
      Judgement Day is a ZEE5 Original series starring Sohini Sarkar, Madhumita Sarcar, Abhishek Singh and Arpan Ghoshal. The story revolves around two sisters from North Bengal, Diya and Hiya. During her visit to Kolkata, Hiya gets raped and her advocate sister Diya takes it upon herself to punish the culprits.
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. The Mystery of a Missing Girl

    • The police refuse to take action when Diya approaches them to file a missing complaint of her sister Hiya. A mysterious voice tells her that Hiya is in danger.

    2. Raped, Drowned and Killed

    • Santa and Rahul’s friends are worried about what they have done. The police discover the body of a woman who has been raped and drowned.

    3. A Floating Body

    • Kingshuk is not confident about Javed’s capability. Meanwhile, Hiya’s condition gets critical, and Javed meets Mac only to be surprised.

    4. Meet Me at 1AM

    • Diya’s family is in a state of shock. Javed interrogates multiple suspects while Diya gets a mysterious message.

    5. Sixth Sense

    • Mac visits Hiya, and Kingshuk gets suspicious about Javed’s motive. Diya meets the mysterious witness, and Lucky discovers something scary.

    6. Date Rape Drug

    • Hiya’s family is devastated, and Mac’s mission is fulfilled. Meanwhile, Mousumi discovers the body of an unknown person in a mysterious way.

    7. I Quit

    • Kingshuk gets suspicious about Diya and Javed’s relationship. A video tells Hiya about her perpetrators, while Lucky and Buni discover a shocking truth.

    8. Arrest Those Scoundrels!

    • Javed starts arresting the suspects. Meanwhile, the police commissioner asks Javed to drop an important case.

    9. A Trail of Blood

    • Mousumi discovers what happened that night. Ankush confesses his crime, and Lucky finds a trail of footsteps in Buni’s flat.

    10. After the Verdict

    • The mystery of the blue jacket is solved and Javed faces humiliation. Meanwhile, Hiya goes missing.