• Air date: 27 Oct '22 6 episodes
      Jhansi, a boutique owner, is an independent woman staying with her partner and his daughter, but an amnesiac. When she saves a girl from a molester at a wedding, Jhansi’s past catches up with her and rekindles several bitter memories from her childhood and the violence follows.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Glitches

      27 Oct '22
      Memories of a horrid past haunt Jhansi and endanger the happy world she has made for herself. On top of that, an unexpected event forces her to face her other life.
    • 2. Man from the Past

      27 Oct '22
      Worried about what she has done, Jhansi meets a man from her past. International don John Caleb rules his cartel with a ruthless hand. Meanwhile, Dhruva fights for his love, Kriti.
    • 3. The Dark Box

      27 Oct '22
      A flash of her past puts Jhansi on the trail of Ripukumar, a notorious child trafficker. Back home, a little girl goes missing in Jhansi's colony.
    • 4. Another Murder

      27 Oct '22
      At Ripukumar's house, Jhansi meets Savithri, who gives her answers and tells her about her best pal, Barbie. Back home, a tragedy strikes Jhansi's colony.
    • 5. The Vigilante

      27 Oct '22
      As Sakshi probes Satya's murder. Amsa Begum reunites with her son, Thayib, who has an agenda. When Sankeeth worries about Jhansi, with Dhruva's help, she strikes again.
    • 6. Billu's Club

      27 Oct '22
      Sankeeth accuses Jhansi of neglecting the family. Sakshi begins suspecting Dhruva of the murders. Meanwhile, the breadcrumbs lead Jhansi and Dhruva to Goa.