Jerseylicious : Season 5

    • Air date: 28 Jan '13 17 episodes
  • List of Episodes (17)

    1. Liar, Liar, Gigi's on Fire

    2. The Naked Truth

    3. Two's Company, Gigi's a Crowd

    4. Two Faced to Face

    5. Behind Frenemy Lines

    6. Ex, Lies, and Videotape

    • A fight breaks out at the photo shoot for Anthony and Olivia's book.

    7. Do or Dye

    • Olivia contemplates her relationship with Nick; Tracy receives a surprise trip to the Poconos; Gigi holds a hair-coloring event at the Gatsby in the hopes of advancing her career.

    8. Filly's Full Monty

    • Filly poses for Playgirl; Olivia dreams of beginning a new career; Alexa's baby preparations stir maternal feelings in Tracy.

    9. What a Tease

    • Olivia runs into difficulties when she takes classes in television hosting; Cathy and Anthony argue over their partnership; Tracy develops a new product line.

    10. Love Inks

    • Anthony and Olivia's book launch party is derailed by a fight; Gigi and Frankie see each other for the first time since their breakup; Tracy considers getting a tattoo.

    11. Surviving Sandy

    • Anthony and Gayle hold a fundraiser to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy; Olivia goes on a blind date and hopes for romance; the Glam Fairy becomes a mother.

    12. Desperately Seeking Frankie

    • Olivia lands an interview for her dream job; Anthony must decide on a direction for the salon in the wake of Cathy's departure; Gigi re-evaluates her feelings for Frankie.

    13. NotSorry

    14. There's No Place Like Jersey?

    • Olivia tries to pull off a major event while keeping the peace between Tracy and Gigi; Filly announces he is moving to Los Angeles; Gigi reveals her feelings.

    15. Season 5 Reunion Special, Part 1

    • The "Jerseylicious" cast returns to dish out additional drama from the show's fifth season; host Jessi Cruickshank.

    16. Season 5 Reunion Special, Part 2

    17. JRZ: Jerseylicious Exposed!