• Air date: 28 Aug '19 16 episodes
      Starting as a YouTube series in 2006 and making it's way to television in 2015 on CNBC, former host of "The Tonight Show" Jay Leno does car and motorcycle reviews on classic cars, super cars like the McLaren P1, restored cars, vintage and sports cars. Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage is located in Burbank, California, near Bob Hope Airport. In 2011 the show won a Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Special Class — Short-Format Nonfiction Program". It is distributed by NBC Entertainment's digital division.
  • List of Episodes (16)
    • 1. Tough Enough

      28 Aug '19
      Showcasing the world's toughest vehicles, Jay tests meteorologist Reed Timmer's storm-proof SRV; meets injured veterans who use racing as rehabilitation; pushes an armored car to the limit; and does some crazy off-roading with Kevin Hart.
    • 2. Cult Classics

      04 Sep '19
      Jay asks what makes a car a cult classic. Actor Charlie Sheen shows off The Wraith Turbo Interceptor; musician Billy Joel shares his vintage motorcycle collection; Jay attempts to drive the Landmaster; and the AMC Pacer vs. AMC Gremlin.
    • 3. Truly Unconventional

      11 Sep '19
      Jay celebrates unconventional vehicles; comic Jeff Dunham races in a Seabreacher; Jay must choose which vehicle to drive in the 24 Hours of Lemons; actress Lea DeLaria drives a Vicious Mustang; inflatable DeLorean; lawnmower.
    • 4. Modern Icons

      18 Sep '19
      Jay and actor Tim Allen debate which vehicles are the most iconic; singer Keith Urban shows off his Pagani, while actor Brad Garrett shows off his Aston Martin; racecar driver Willie T. Ribbs tells stories about his Cadillac.
    • 5. Innovations and Breakthroughs

      25 Sep '19
      Jay explores the latest developments and newest vehicles; comic Jim Jefferies shows off an electric Corvette; Jay takes a spin in the Phantom car; Jay puts a coin in a vending machine and out comes an electric drift car; souped-up minivan.
    • 6. Sky's the Limit

      02 Oct '19
      Jay pays homage to vehicles influenced by the science of flight; he goes up in the air with actor John Travolta to discuss his fascination with airplanes and plane-influenced cars.
    • 7. Unsung Heroes

      09 Oct '19
      Jay celebrates pit crews and stuntmen; Jay and TV personality Martha Stewart take a ride in her pristine Edsel wagon; Jay joins a NASCAR pit crew to assist driver Joey Logano during a race; he explores dangerous and under-appreciated automotive jobs.
    • 8. Built for Speed

      16 Oct '19
      Jay has a need for speed as he talks race rivalries with his old friend Matt Damon, who stars as Carroll Shelby in the upcoming film Ford vs. Ferrari; Jay tries the all-American GT500; Avril Lavigne becomes the newest student at Jay's Driving School.
    • 9. Dare to Dream

      20 May '20
      Jay hits the road to meet people who've had the courage to throw caution to the wind and go for it. He surprises country superstar Blake Shelton by taking him for a spin in a vintage pick-up truck with a "royal" connection. He goes head to head on the track with comedian turned professional racing car driver Adam Carolla in an endurance race. And Jay takes his life into his own hands when he agrees to teach Saturday Night Live legend Norm McDonald how to drive.
    • 10. Risk vs. Reward

      27 May '20
      Jay learns the automotive world is not for the risk averse. He meets up with maverick tech-entrepreneur Elon Musk to test drive his groundbreaking Cybertruck prototype. He invites comedian and Marine Rob Riggle (and his mom) to look at his car history in a new segment called "This Is Your Automotive Life!" Jay also gets to fly a mission on a massive fire-fighting helicopter and meets up with a blind racecar driver determined to drive 200mph unassisted.
    • 11. Dare to Be Different

      03 Jun '20
      Jay will meet people who seek out new and different—and often ridiculous—automotive experiences. He takes funnyman Brad Garrett car shopping to find his perfect automotive match. Jay and comedian Bill Burr go for a spin in Bill's dream sleeper. Later he heads to the racetrack to try a crazy new kind of racing with Tim Allen, and travels to San Francisco to drive a street-legal, flame-breathing motorized snail. All hail the oddball cars, the one-offs, peculiar builds, weird events and those
    • 12. Even Tougher

      10 Jun '20
      Jay takes Matt LeBlanc into the hills in one of the first off-road vehicles of all time; comic Jeff Dunham is challenged to another aquatic battle; tough guy actor Danny Trejo shows off his collection of iconic rides and threatens Jay's dry cleaner.
    • 13. In Pursuit of Perfection

      17 Jun '20
      Jay checks out vehicles that come close to being perfect; Jon Hamm is treated to a drive down memory lane; Jay and Fabio talk Italian-style while cruising in Fabio's Lamborghini; Jay tries to stump Robert Herjavec.
    • 14. Road Trip

      24 Jun '20
    • 15. You Are What You Drive

      01 Jul '20
      The car you drive says a lot about who you are. Jay takes a drive with ZZ Top frontman, Billy Gibbons in one of his newest, most rock-and-roll hot rods.
    • 16. All Play and No Work

      08 Jul '20
      Some cars are only meant for fun; former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe drives the actual car from The Rockford Files; Jay and off-road badass Jolene Van Vugt go to the desert to test out Polaris' Razor; ridiculous competition with comedian Alonzo Bodden.