Japani Toy : Season 1

    • Air date: 12 May '18 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)


    • Things go unexpected when Delhi-based Joy is coaxed by his friends to visit a brothel. Little does he know, that this will be a lifetime experience for him.

    2. Eureka

    • A jobless Joy decides to leave for Kolkata, and start life afresh, but this time with his own unique start up: the first ever sex toy shop in town!

    3. No Guilt No Shame

    • While the local councillor unknowingly gives Joy a shop space, his fiance Kinkini and her family are infuriated with his idea! Is Joy still determined?

    4. Sexy Siren

    • Joy has to win over Kinkini’s love, but also has to make both ends meet about ‘Sexy Siren’, his sex toy shop. Will fate favour him?

    5. Shashikala Bylane

    • Joy is excited about getting his idea officially registered. On the other hand, councillor Gobordhon decides to back out after knowing Joy’s business ventures.

    6. Vote for Dildo Kumar

    • Joy is upset as everyone is judging him but not questioning Gobordhon, who had earlier allowed businessmen to sell liquor, near a school locality.

    7. Home Delivery

    • A disheartened Joy decides to back-out from his plans without knowing, what awaits him in the distant future.