• Air date: 29 Mar '24 8 episodes
      With more stunning cakes and more shocking fakes, the competition is bigger than ever as bakers fool celebrity judges with their delicious deceptions.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • The first batch of bakers create incredible objects out of cake with a personal touch. Guest judges: Jay Pharoah, Lauren Lapkus and London Hughes.
    • 2. Swimming with Cakes

      29 Mar '24
      The next wave of bakers make a splash with pool party-themed counterfeit confections. Guest judges: Oscar Nuñez, Jillian Bell and Kamie Crawford.
    • 3. Head-to-Head Battle Royale

      29 Mar '24
      In a spooky showdown, bakers bring Dracula, Frankenstein and more to life. Guest judges: Dulcé Sloan, Chris Witaske and Liza Koshy.
    • 4. Knock Knock...Cake Service!

      29 Mar '24
      In the first-ever team challenge, bakers attempt to deliver realistic room service dishes. Guest judges: Michael Ealy, Heather McMahan and Beck Bennett.
    • 5. Welcome to the Jungle

      29 Mar '24
      Bakers answer the call of the wild by camouflaging cakes as a snake, an iguana and... a log. Guest judges: Sam Morril, Danielle Pinnock and Christina P.
    • 6. Cake on Fire

      29 Mar '24
      The heat is on for a fiery new challenge. Will judges spot the correct firehouse fakes? Guest judges: Sherry Cola, Adam Shapiro and Storm Reid.
    • 7. Cakes Ahoy!

      29 Mar '24
      For the semifinals, two bakers walk the plank after a pirate-themed double elimination. Guest judges: Emma Hernan, Justin Willman and Lana Condor.
    • 8. Winner Cakes All!

      29 Mar '24
      With $50,000 up for grabs, the remaining bakers create cakes that represent their families. Guest judges: Taran Killam, Ego Nwodim and Chris Kattan.