• Air date: 29 Mar '24 10 episodes
      A sceptic crime branch Inspector Rishi Nandhan assisted by his two trusted sub-inspectors Ayyanar and Chitra, investigates a series of bizarre murders in a small mountain village, supposedly committed by a deadly forest spirit called the Vanaratchi.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • When a wildlife photographer’s mysterious death is blamed on a deadly forest spirit called Vanaratchi, Crime Branch Inspector Rishi Nandhan is sent to Thaenkaadu to investigate the case, along with sub-inspectors Ayyanar and Chitra.
    • 2. Devil is in the Details

      29 Mar '24
      The lack of physical evidence and the supernatural phenomena around the murder case baffles everyone. Rishi is haunted by a mysterious ghost from his past. Meanwhile, the Vanaratchi claims another victim.
    • 3. In the Shadows

      29 Mar '24
      During a search for an abducted man inside the forest, police sniffer dogs get scared and behave wildly. Rishi and the team consult an entomologist regarding webspinner insects. Meanwhile, a handmade Vanaratchi doll mysteriously ends up in the hands of a little girl.
    • 4. What Lies Beneath

      29 Mar '24
      Rishi and Ayyanar have a clash of opinions. Fear spreads throughout the village as more Vanaratchi sightings are reported. Sathya assigns beat officer Kathy to help Rishi and his team in the investigation.
    • 5. Something Wicked

      29 Mar '24
      Sathya and Irfan try to track down poachers who conduct illegal activities in the forest. A forest night vision camera captures a horrifying video. Villagers hold an urgent panchayat meeting. Rishi and his team arrest a suspect and question her.
    • 6. The Ties That Bind

      29 Mar '24
      Panic strikes when Kathy and another forest guard go missing in the forest during a routine night patrol. Rishi’s traumatic past with Viji is revealed. Meanwhile, a young village woman gets a visit from the Vanaratchi.
    • 7. Deliver us from Evil

      29 Mar '24
      The exorcism of a Vanaratchi-possessed woman gets interrupted by a group of unruly villagers. While Rishi digs deep and studies the victimology, Chitra and Ayyanar lock horns and get into a heated argument.
    • 8. The Darkest Hour

      29 Mar '24
      Sathya and Irfan are abducted and tortured by poachers. While the rescue team searches for them in the forest, Rishi, Kathy, Ayyanar and Chitra conduct an investigation of their own to find the two officers before it’s too late.
    • 9. The Secret Cavern

      29 Mar '24
      Rishi, Ayyanar, Chitra and Sathya venture into a dark and mysterious cave to investigate a crime scene. The truth behind the tribal people’s deadly ritual is revealed. Kathy decides to confess her love to Rishi.
    • 10. Close Encounters

      29 Mar '24
      One major clue in the investigation leads Rishi to find shocking revelations and discoveries. The team realises that the lives of many innocent people are at stake if they don’t do something soon.