Il Commissario Montalbano : Season 10

    • Air date: 29 Feb '16 2 episodes
  • List of Episodes (2)

    1. Una faccenda delicata

    • A seventy-year-old prostitute, strangely married also, is killed, carrying out her job in a warehouse. At first, Mimì Augello persuades himself that the killer was a certain Mimmo Tavano, a prostitute's client. Montalbano, however, with his intuition can find the solution.

    2. La piramide di fango

    • The lifeless body of a man is found in the construction site where the new water supply of Vigata is built. The commissioner, noting that the man was in his undershirt and underpants, immediately sensed that the victim must have been surprised by his murderer in the night while he slept, and that for this reason he had to live nearby. Montalbano and the faithful Fazio check the houses nearby, and after a short search find his home and identify him. It is Gerardo Nicotra, accounting officer of th