• Air date: 15 Sep '23 4 episodes
      Crime journalist Paul Connolly goes behind the bars of some of the world’s most notorious and toughest prisons. Immersing himself in maximum security facilities around the world to live as a prisoner, he encounters the inmates locked up for their crimes and meets the men and women on the right side of law tasked with keeping the criminals behind bars.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. Finland: The Free Choice Prison

      15 Sep '23
      At Finland's Kylmäkoski prison, Raphael meets violent offenders in the general population wing and bonds with the inmates, while a newcomer is attacked.
    • 2. Czech Republic: The Crystal Meth Prison

      15 Sep '23
      Surrounded by many inmates who struggle with crystal meth addiction, Raphael enters the Pilsen prison and discovers that some habits are hard to break.
    • 3. Indonesia: The re-programming drug prison

      15 Sep '23
      Raphael gets a rare look inside Bangli prison, where drug offenders are forced to join a rehabilitation program and isolation is used as punishment.
    • 4. Solomon Islands: God’s Own Prison

      15 Sep '23
      At the Rove maximum security prison, many of the inmates serve time for sexual offenses while navigating grim conditions and extremely limited resources.