• Air date: 18 Nov '21 8 episodes
      For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren't just theories — they're fact. And keeping them a secret is a full-time job.
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    • 2. Whoas-Feratu

      18 Nov '21
      Tamiko's new beau is a Hollywood A-lister with a taste for blood, but that doesn't stop a jealous Rand from trying to break up the cozy couple.
    • 3. Reagan & Mychelle's Hive School Reunion

      18 Nov '21
      The Cognito crew plays along with Magic Myc's big lies at a class reunion until he goes too far. Meanwhile, Rand finds a gross "gift" on his desk.
    • 4. We Found Love in a Popeless Place

      18 Nov '21
      Reagan has to turn the new, woke pope into a fire-and-brimstone pontiff, so she's off to Italy with a friend — and a little romance on the side.
    • 5. Brettwork

      18 Nov '21
      Brett's an overnight sensation when he sits in as the host of a right-wing TV show, but quickly becomes a political puppet gleefully controlled by Rand.
    • 6. Rontagion

      18 Nov '21
      Now that she's sleeping with the Illuminati, Reagan decides it's time for the Cognito Inc. gang to meet Ron and persuade him to jump ship.
    • 7. Project Reboot

      18 Nov '21
      Rand unleashes Project Reboot as the Cognito co-workers learn about their alternate lives — and how a tin foil hat can actually come in handy.
    • 8. Appleton

      18 Nov '21
      With Cognito under new leadership, Reagan meets with the Robes who want a partnership, but she needs to make a big decision about her future.