• Air date: 25 Jan '24 6 episodes
      Lauren Caspian is public radio's third most popular host. He's a well-meaning, hypocritical nimrod, just like you and me. He's also a stop motion puppet. Each episode follows the making of an episode of Lauren's show In the Know, in which Lauren conducts in-depth interviews with real world human guests. Lauren collaborates with a diverse crew of NPR staff. They are also puppets and nimrods.
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    • 1. I'm No Hero

      25 Jan '24
      Lauren Caspian, NPR’s third-most popular host, helps an unhoused person by inviting them into the studio and interviews Kaia Gerber and Jonathan Van Ness.
    • During Pledge Drive Day at “In the Know,” Lauren gives a big donor a studio tour and Sandy moves into the new lactation station. Fabian goes on the air to play clips from Lauren’s interviews with Ken Burns, Finn Wolfhard and Norah Jones.
    • 3. Very Gross

      25 Jan '24
      Lauren’s voice might be making listeners nauseous and Fabian is determined to protect them, even if it means canceling the show. Lauren attempts to interview Tegan and Sara and Nicole Byer before he’s shut down.
    • Fabian and Carl compete for the role of office safety rep. Lauren attempts to interview Roxane Gay and Mike Tyson while distracted by a personal medical issue. Barb has an extraordinary afternoon in an office chair warehouse.
    • 5. Yogurt Week

      25 Jan '24
      Lauren believes his body is racist and insists on hosting a live panel to end racism and maybe win a Peabody. Fabian forms an unexpected connection with MMA superstar Jorge Masvidal.
    • Lauren spends Thanksgiving attempting to impress his 13-year-old son Ginsberg by interviewing Hugh Laurie. Fabian is caught between her principles and her family.