Looking for Rinema alternatives. Import your movie collection from Rinema to MyMovieRack

Rinema recently announced with a heavy heart that they are shutting down. Rinema was incredible platform for movie lovers to keep their movie collection. We can understand that it can be emotionally overwhelming for you as well as the team behind Rinema. In case you are looking for alternative, here is an easy way to import your Rinema collection of movies and continue your love for movies & TV shows.
How to import your movie collection?
Upload the csv file you must have received in the email titles "Rinema is shutting down". That's it. We will handle the rest :)
Why MyMovieRack, you ask?
  • It is a platform to rate as well as discover content based on #moods.
  • Know where to watch with our movie & TV streaming guide.
  • Create lists, watch trailers, get IMDb & RT ratings, track your TV series, everything at same place.
Currently ratings and reviews are not being imported but the support will be provided on request basis. Please write to us at admin@mymovierack.com if you need help.
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