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      Air date: 20 Feb '19 5 episodes
      A coming-of-age story about the many first adventures in a young man’s life. Dhruv is 16, and in a hurry to grow up. With a little help from his school friends ­ the wannabe bad boy Kabir, and the colour-blind-but-doesn’t-know-it Susu – Dhruv sets out to woo the first crush of his life, the feisty, out-of-his-league class topper, Chhavi. Venturing out of their childhood, in their last years of school, the trio finds their first drink, picks their first fight and mends their first broken hearts.
      ImMature season 1 has 5 episodes. It is an adventure web-series starring Omkar Kulkarni, Rashmi Agdekar, Chinmay Chandraunshuh and Visshesh Tiwari. It is created by Prem Mistry. Season 1 for ImMature aired on 20 Feb '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform MX Player.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • Having newly entered the 11th standard, Dhruv expects a new bullet bike from his parents. However, the gift that his parents get him, is neither new nor is it a bullet. Will Dhruv be able to break the ice and get close to Chhavi?
    • Only to spend time with Chhavi, Dhruv participates in the annual day drama. He even makes Rajan exit the play and lands a role opposite Chhavi. However, Dhruv meets with a rude shock when he finds out that he is in fact playing Chhavi’s rakhi brother.
    • Kabir suggests Dhruv to drink some alcohol to cope up with his heartbreak. After getting drunk, Dhruv gathers the guts to beat up Chhavi’s boyfriend, Shantanu. Dhruv gets happy after learning that Chhavi and Shantanu have broken up. However, yet another surprise awaits Dhruv.
    • After getting warned by the vice-principal, Dhruv, Susu and Kabir get serious about studies. Chhavi offers to help them and the group sessions bring her and Dhruv closer. Just when Chhavi is about to find out Dhruv’s secret, he confesses his feelings to her!
    • Dhruv and Chhavi are both excited for the date. Kabir asks Dhruv to ensure that the date is great, while Namita warns Chhavi against taking the relationship further. Dhruv gives a surprise farewell gift to Chhavi. Will he be able to win Chhavi’s heart?