• Air date: 27 Aug '20 8 episodes
      Suzie Pickles, a star on the wane, has her whole life upended when her phone is hacked and a photo of her emerges in an extremely compromising position.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Shock

      27 Aug '20
      Compromising pictures of Suzie have been hacked from her phone. Her apparently perfect life spectacularly implodes.
    • 2. Denial

      27 Aug '20
      When no one believes her claim that the sex photos are fake, Suzie parties while her family life hangs in the balance.
    • 3. Fear

      27 Aug '20
      Working to save her marriage, Suzie agrees that maybe working with the man in question isn't the best idea. Naomi attempts to keep the press at bay.
    • 4. Shame

      27 Aug '20
      Suzie gives a disastrous interview and struggles to make peace with her own desires.
    • 5. Bargaining

      27 Aug '20
      Cob decides it's his turn to let loose and Suzie is forced to combine her dinner her producers with Cob's wild night out.
    • 6. Guilt

      27 Aug '20
      Suzie is on the lookout for a career change and auditions for a new musical. Family politics come to light with Suzie's parents.
    • 7. Anger

      27 Aug '20
      Suzie tries to keep her cool and focus on balancing work and family. Naomi finds herself struggling.
    • 8. Acceptance

      27 Aug '20
      Suzie has to come to terms with her situation and make some big decisions. Series finale.