• Air date: 07 Jan '22 8 episodes
      Which is part of a larger, overall content and brand alliance between Wheelhouse and Hype House, will feature the likes of founders Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou as well as Nikita Dragun.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 2. Love and Social Media

      07 Jan '22
      Chase throws a dinner party at his place, where fellow creators discuss their experience with cancel culture. Alex and Kouvr get into an argument.
    • 3. Low-key Beefing

      07 Jan '22
      Thomas holds a house meeting about the lack of content on the group's account. After ghosting Larray, Nikita can’t dodge him when he needs to chat.
    • 4. POV: Fake Wedding

      07 Jan '22
      Alex plans a fake wedding for a YouTube video to Kouvr's disappointment. Larray confronts Nikita about some problematic photos.
    • 5. Alex and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

      07 Jan '22
      With his brother, Alex recalls his troubled childhood. Nikita encourages a cautious Vinnie with a transformation and a pair of stripper heels.
    • 6. Clique Bait

      07 Jan '22
      In an attempt to bring everyone together, Thomas organizes a group trip to the Joshua Tree area, but the reunion doesn't turn out as he'd hoped.
    • 7. Friendship Goals

      07 Jan '22
      Thomas reaches a breaking point and realizes how much stress he's under. Kouvr accompanies Alex on an emotional visit to his dad's grave.
    • 8. Glow Up

      07 Jan '22
      Chase performs live onstage for the first time. Nikita experiences high school prom as her true self. Thomas figures out Hype House's next steps.