• Air date: 12 Jan '01 13 episodes
      A a very-recognizable audience of Disney animated characters gather into the House of Mouse nightclub to enjoy musical guests, cartoon shorts and Master of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse's comical introductions from the stage.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. The Stolen Cartoons

      13 Jan '01
      As an attempt to end the show and shut down the House of Mouse, Pete steals all the cartoons. Meanwhile, Donald is put in charge of the club after Mickey and Goofy leave to film a new cartoon. Cartoons: Pluto Gets the Paper (Wet Cement); Donald's Dynamite (Magic Act); Hickory Dickory Mickey
    • 2. Big Bad Wolf Daddy

      27 Jan '01
      Donald hires the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs to perform a show at the club, which Mickey fears since the wolf damaged the club the last time he performed. Cartoons: Donald's Charmed Date; Pluto Gets the Paper (Mortimer); How to Be Groovy, Cool, And Fly
    • 3. The Three Caballeros

      03 Feb '01
      The Three Caballeros are to perform at the club, but no-one knows that Donald was a Caballero, so he tries to be the most important performer of the group, re-naming himself "The Duck Formerly Known as Donald", an obvious parody of Prince. Cartoons: Donald's Fish Fry; How to Be Smart
    • 4. Goofy's Valentine Date

      10 Feb '01
      Minnie and Daisy develop sorrow for Goofy after finding out that he has no Valentine's Day date, so they set up a blind date for him. Cartoons: Donald's Valentine Dollar; Mickey to the Rescue (Staircase); Pluto's Arrow Error
    • 5. Timon and Pumbaa

      17 Feb '01
      Timon and Pumbaa are set to perform a show, but end their friendship after they decide that they can't make the same decisions, so Mickey decides to bring them back together.
    • 6. Jiminy Cricket

      24 Feb '01
      Jiminy Cricket decides to stop his job as Pinocchio's conscience, and befriends Pain and Panic, soon realizing that Pinocchio and him must stay together after he becomes Mickey's conscience. When Pinocchio reunites with Jiminy, Pain and Panic begin to cry their hearts out, but then get turned into dirt by the Blue Fairy.
    • 7. Unplugged Club

      03 Mar '01
      Pete attempts to stop show performances again by removing the electrical battery and turning off all the club's electricity. Cartoons: Music Store Donald; Mickey's Cabin
    • 8. Gone Goofy

      10 Mar '01
      Goofy is fired from his job as the waiter after the club's budget causes problems.
    • 9. Rent Day

      17 Mar '01
      Before the show ends, Mickey needs to pay the rent for Pete after he spends the money on cheese. Cartoons: Mickey's Mountain; Circus Symphony
    • 10. Donald's Lamp Trade

      24 Mar '01
      Donald is convinced that Mickey is not his friend after Jafar tricks him into believing this, and must rescue the lamp for Jafar to prove that they are not friends. Cartoons: Survival of the Woodchucks; Goofy's Radio
    • 11. Donald's Pumbaa Prank

      31 Mar '01
      Pete tries to break Mickey and Donald's friendship apart by letting out a bad odor in the club made by Pumba. Cartoons: Mickey's April Fools; Whitewater Donald
    • 12. Thanks to Minnie

      07 Apr '01
      Minnie feels that she does not belong as a staff member of the House of Mouse, so she quits her job, realizing how much she means to the rest of the staff. Cartoons: Minnie Visits Daisy; Mickey's Big Break
    • 13. Pluto Saves the Day

      14 Apr '01
      Pluto has to save the club after Pete uses magical apples to shut down the club. Cartoons: Goofy's Big Kitty; Pluto's Kittens