• Air date: 19 May '22 13 episodes
      Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Too Big or Just Right for Vacation Home

      19 May '22
      The parents of two young children look for a vacation home near a Finger Lakes resort in New York. He wants something big and spacious they can rent out to help cover the cost, but she prefers a smaller place they can afford without being landlords.
    • 2. A Hundred Houses and Counting

      18 May '22
      A couple is ready for an upgrade so they can grow their family in the Chicago suburbs. They've seen over a hundred houses with no luck, so one of them may need to adjust their expectations in order to finally get into a new home.
    • 3. I Need a Vacation from this Vacation

      26 Jul '22
      With their six kids growing up fast, this Seattle couple wants a vacation home where the whole family can get together in Scottsdale, Arizona. They plan to also make it a short-term rental to cover the cost, but they're miles apart on what to spend.
    • 4. Left Hanging in Chicago

      24 May '22
      A young buyer looks to purchase a condo with a second bedroom for her dancing pole in Chicago. Her parents are helping with the down payment, so she'll need to find a way to balance her wants with what they think is important in a home.
    • 5. Fighting for a Fixer in New York

      25 May '22
      With their lease ending, an engaged couple searches for their first home together in New York. They're looking for a charming home in a walkable neighborhood, but one is looking for a fixer while the other prefers something that's move-in ready.
    • 6. A Big House or a Big Wedding

      25 May '22
      With their wedding fast approaching, a couple looks for their first home together in Michigan. She wants an affordable, cozy cottage so they can spend big on a lavish wedding, but he prefers to put all their money towards a grand, midcentury modern.
    • 7. Breaking Free in Los Angeles

      26 May '22
      A young skin care entrepreneur leaves her family home and looks for her own place in Los Angeles. She wants something in the heart of Hollywood, but her younger sister thinks she should buy a bigger home in the suburbs with an eye towards the long-term.
    • 8. Busy Surgeon Buys in Atlanta

      31 May '22
      A busy surgeon doesn't want to spend top dollar on her first home in Atlanta. She wants to spend less and get a fixer, but her friend and fellow surgeon thinks she won't have time for projects and should find something turnkey she can enjoy right away.
    • 9. Goldilocks in San Antonio

      09 Jun '22
      A single woman aims to achieve her lifelong dream of owning a home in San Antonio. She's passionate about finding something that's turnkey and perfect, but her DIY-loving friend is along to convince her that a little sweat equity can go a long way.
    • 10. Glam vs. Bottom Line in Fargo

      01 Jun '22
      A buyer, who is originally from Kenya, looks to fulfill her American dream of owning a new home in Fargo, North Dakota. She's looking for a place with wow factor, but with three kids, her husband prefers to spend less on an older home with character.
    • 11. Canadians Take California

      01 Jun '22
      A couple looks to escape the cold Canadian winters with a second home in Southern California. She's an entrepreneur who is willing to spend big to get a place with rental potential near the beach, but he prefers to play it safe with their purchase.
    • 12. Investing and Upgrading in North Carolina

      07 Jun '22
      An aspiring real estate investor wants to rent her family's current home and buy something more grand in North Carolina. Her husband doesn't want to move, but he may be convinced if she can find a place that has room for a bar and lounge space.
    • 13. Not Making the Same Mistake in Philly

      14 Jun '22
      A Philadelphia couple who spent six years living in a house they bought sight unseen is ready to finally find their dream home. While one wants an affordable fixer-upper, the other won't settle for anything less than move-in ready perfection.