• Air date: 16 Apr '15 13 episodes
      Hosted by Suzanne Whang, the show takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. New Jersey Couple Wants Southern Charm in Georgia

      16 Apr '15
      A New Jersey couple who are moving to Atlanta for a job are split on what kind of house to buy. While she is searching for "Gone With the Wind" charm, he is hoping to find something similar to what they had in the Garden State.
    • 2. Young Buyer Wants Old Home in Dallas

      29 Sep '15
      A twentysomething buyer in Dallas who loves the character of Texas ranch homes from the 1950s searches for a house with traditional charm and practical updating for $190,000.
    • 3. Single Gal Seeks Contemporary D.C. Area Condo

      09 Jun '15
      A single gal in Washington, D.C., hopes to find a contemporary condo with lots of amenities and low HOA fees for less than $240,000.
    • 4. Engineers Search for a Fixer in San Antonio

      16 Jun '15
      Engineers in San Antonio look for a fixer-upper that they can renovate themselves. Their wish list includes no stairs, a workshop and a backyard big enough for their dogs.
    • 5. Mid-Century Modern vs. Bungalow in Sioux Falls

      12 May '15
      A first-time buyer in Sioux Falls, S.D., is encouraged to buy a cute and cozy bungalow by his live-in girlfriend. However, he's more attracted to mid-century modern homes with clean lines and lots of wall space to hang his art.
    • 6. Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes

      14 Jun '15
      A Tallahassee couple want out of their cramped condo when they search for a bigger home perfect for the family they want to start and with enough closet space for a growing collection of vintage clothing.
    • 7. Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville

      25 Jun '15
      A couple have a relatively low budget of $200,000 to find a home in the up-and-coming area of East Nashville. Further complicating their house search is a long wish list that includes a big master bedroom, an oversized shower and an updated kitchen.
    • 8. Jersey Shore Style Smackdown

      21 Jun '15
      A New Jersey couple disagree over style when searching for a shore home. Included: She doesn't want anything built before 1960; and he's concerned about fending off hurricane damage.
    • 9. Victorian or Craftsman in Montgomery, Alabama

      20 Apr '15
      It's a battle between Victorian vs. Craftsman in Montgomery, Ala.
    • 10. High Expectations in Washington, D.C.

      28 Jun '15
      A woman has help from her friends searching for a place that meets her high expectations on the relatively low budget of $430,000 in Washington, D.C.
    • 11. Engaged Couple Seek Home in Phoenix

      11 Jun '15
      A recently engaged couple search for a Phoenix home that's close to the center of town, plus he wants to find a place where he doesn't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors, while she is more concerned with high-end finishes.
    • 12. Looking for a Home Near the Water in Sarasota, Florida

      23 Apr '15
      A couple disagree on style when they search for a home on the water in Sarasota, Fla.
    • 13. Cookie Cutter vs. Character in Folsom, CA

      27 Apr '15
      A couple search for their first place in Folsom, Cal., but don't exactly agree on whether they should buy new or an older home with character.