• Air date: 03 Apr '24 13 episodes
      Like it's sister show, House Hunters, but focusing on destinations outside of the United States.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Say It Ain't Snow in the Bellarine Peninsula

      03 Apr '24
      An Ohio family is ready to leave behind the cold for Australia's sunny Bellarine Peninsula. They're on the hunt for an affordable, spacious beachside home to ease their kids' transition and provide a workspace for dad, all without straining their budget.
    • 2. A Complicated Search for the Simple Life in Costa Rica

      27 Apr '24
      After a one-time vacation, a young Canadian is ready to ditch Montreal for simplicity in Costa Rica. She's looking for a more spiritual and nature-infused life, but realizing her big expectations in the small town of San Mateo may be a challenge.
    • 3. New Job, Two Dogs, Second Baby, Forever Paris

      10 Apr '24
      A microbiologist lands the job of a lifetime and looks to relocate to Paris. She's eight months pregnant and has a husband, a toddler and two giant dogs, so finding a home to suit everyone before baby number two arrives may be a challenge.
    • 4. Lucky 13th Move to Cadiz Province, Spain

      01 May '24
      After moving 12 times during his career, a Navy officer's family faces their first international move to southern Spain. She thinks living near the beach will ease their transition, but he prioritizes a short commute to the base in the Cadiz Province.
    • 5. Empty Nest Mom Reset in Ojochal, Costa Rica

      24 Apr '24
      A recently divorced empty nester seeks a less stressful lifestyle in Ojochal, Costa Rica. She's looking for a dream property without breaking the bank, but locating a home with rental units that can also accommodate her visiting kids will be a challenge.
    • 6. From Kangaroos to Castles in Falkirk, Scotland

      11 Apr '24
      After 20 years away, a woman looks to return with her family to Falkirk, Scotland. Her husband is starting a new business while she continues to work, so balancing a stable start, a spacious home and his new career may be a challenge.
    • 7. Wild Man in Kin Kin, Australia

      13 Mar '24
      A quirky, nature-loving grad looks to reconnect with his dad and relocate to rural Kin Kin, Australia. He's searching for a place that's off-grid with massive trees, but with an incredibly modest budget, finding the right property may be a challenge.
    • 8. Trading Tumbleweeds for Big City Munich

      25 Apr '24
      Tired of the monotony in Arizona, an adventurous newlywed couple looks to trade tumbleweeds for big city life in Munich. She speaks some German and has secured a job, but they still need to brace for the new experience, including married life.
    • 9. London Family Finds Roots in Da Nang, Vietnam

      04 May '24
      A London couple looks to explore her family roots and relocate with their young son to Da Nang, Vietnam. She's looking for a modest apartment similar to the flat they had in London, but he wants a traditional house with plenty of room for visiting family.
    • 10. A Fresh Start in Glasgow, Scotland

      08 May '24
      After living apart for years, best friends decide to forge a new life in Glasgow, Scotland. They're looking for love and a chance to enjoy the city's nightlife, but finding a home that suits them both may test the limits of their friendship and finances.
    • 11. Soccer or Sea Views in Christchurch, New Zealand

      15 May '24
      A mother and son move for his young career in professional soccer to Christchurch, New Zealand. He's looking for a place where they can take in the sea views, but he doesn't drive, so she wants to stay practical with a home close to soccer practice.
    • 12. Stepping Into Uncharted Territory in Madrid

      17 Apr '24
      After exploring 35 countries in search of a permanent home, a digital nomad looks to finally set some roots in Madrid. Although she's a seasoned world traveler, she may be in for a surprise or two, because this is one city that she's never even been to.
    • 13. Family of Vets Reset in Beaconsfield, England

      21 May '24
      Veterinary surgeons give up their custom home and veterinary hospital for more family time in Beaconsfield, England. They dream of walking their kids to school in a small English town, but their adjustment from luxurious Texas spaces may be a challenge.