• Air date: 05 Jul '96 14 episodes
      Hot Line is an American erotic anthology series featured on Cinemax during their "After Dark" schedule. The series features simulated sex scenes, and thus can be categorized as "softcore" or "voyeur". The premise of the show is listeners of a fictional radio show titled, "Hot Line", call in to recount their sexual exploits. Many high-profile porn stars made an appearance on the show. Catherine Bell appears naked in the "Brunch Club" episode.
  • List of Episodes (14)
    • 1. Hung Jury

      05 Jul '96
      Jury member falls for his female colleague and tries to extend the trial to get to spend more time with her.
    • 2. The Sitter

      12 Jul '96
      A young aspiring writer is house sitting, when the beautiful young daughter of the house owner, a dangerous gangster, shows up to toy with him.
    • 3. Hannah's Surprise

      19 Jul '96
      A woman whose husband is cheating on her with his secretary falls for their seductive vamp maid.
    • 4. The Brunch Club

      26 Jul '96
      Four female friends have a brunch and talk about their relationships and fantasies.
    • 5. Where Were We?

      02 Aug '96
      A couple tries to make a baby but they keep getting interrupted.
    • 6. Sleepless Nights

      09 Aug '96
      Two college students plan revenge on their womanizing colleague whose loud sexcapades keep them up at night preventing them to study.
    • 7. Shutterbugs

      16 Aug '96
      A woman becomes upset at her boyfriend for accepting a job taking pictures of nude women.
    • 8. Sexual Chemistry

      23 Aug '96
      A boyfriend is relieved when his girlfriend finally attains sexual fulfillment.
    • 9. Double Exposure

      30 Aug '96
      A husband hires a private investigator to follow his trophy wife and make photos of her cheating on him.
    • 10. The Gardener

      13 Sep '96
      A handsome gardener is hired by an old man to tend both the garden and his beautiful young wife.
    • 11. E-Mail

      20 Sep '96
      Two coworkers who can't stand each other unknowingly start a hot anonymous e-mail correspondence with each other.
    • 12. Mistaken Identity

      27 Sep '96
      A man is accused of cheating after being mistaken for his twin brother.
    • 13. The Older Woman

    • 14. Breakdown