• Air date: 25 Nov '22 6 episodes
      A tale of friendship, memories, incessant fun and nostalgia, Hostel Days will take you on an emotional roller coaster and remind you of your college days. Series premieres on 25 November only on hoichoi.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Khichidi

      25 Nov '22
      Renowned food vlogger OG gets a taste of his hostel life while doing a vlog and goes down memory lane. A dark past starts to crawl back to him.
    • 2. Case Jaundice

      25 Nov '22
      OG disappears before the opening of his chain of restaurants. During their hostel days, the examination hall catching fire resulted in everyone's suspension.
    • 3. Kurmur Kurmur Dhoom Dharakka

      25 Nov '22
      The police pick Orko, Kapil, Parikkhit, Begun, and Bhakta in Mandarmani. On returning to the hostel, Parikshit receives some grim news.
    • 4. Cloud 9 Kitchen

      02 Dec '22
      When Pari's financial condition takes a toll on his future, Tinku da comes to the rescue. Frustrated neighbours cause a ruckus due to the noisy concert of the college band.
    • 5. Trap

      25 Nov '22
      Cloud 9 kitchen gains overnight popularity, but Orko's misdeed ruins everything. In the present, Orko and Kapil finally find their third musketeer.
    • 6. Lost and found

      25 Nov '22
      Orko apologizes to Pari and tries to make the latter a part of his new venture. But Pari turns down the offer. Is history going to repeat itself?