• Air date: 12 Oct '17 6 episodes
      In this nerve-wracking true crime series, a home becomes the setting for unimaginable horror. Scenes of unbearable tension grab the audience and take them along for a chilling ride into true, unbridled crime.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Portrait of a Stalker

      12 Oct '17
      In 2007, 17-year-old Katie is living in Tennessee with her doting parents. But Katie's been keeping secrets, and her parents are shocked to discover she's being stalked by an ex-boyfriend they didn't know existed.
    • 2. Bullets in the Basement

      19 Oct '17
      Single mom Erin installs a security system in her house when she realizes that someone's been inside her home. But that doesn't stop the intruder breaking in, determined to end her life as well as his own.
    • 3. Silent Night, Holy Terror

      26 Oct '17
      In Alabama in 2010, sassy teenager Haley craves her independence, but her protective mom, Teresa, worries about the company she's keeping. Teresa convinces Haley to end her toxic relationship, but he won't let go until he gets what he wants.
    • 4. Inheriting Evil

      02 Nov '17
      CeCe Coffee is a Southern Belle with a beautiful home but very little home security. In a bizarre case of mistaken identity, she falls prey to a brutal home invasion that will force her to think on her feet if she wants to stay alive.
    • 5. Behind the Shower Curtain

      09 Nov '17
      Catherine thinks that dumping her boyfriend will solve her problems, but when he breaks into her home intending to kill her, he takes her family hostage.
    • 6. Demons of the Past

      16 Nov '17
      In desolate, isolated Nebraska in 2014, Valerie and her loving adopted son Nathan are starting a new chapter of their lives when a knock at the door one night brings back demons of the past.